Why is #Nokia back in the phone business?!

Many wondered what is the main goal of Nokia’s return to the smartphone business. For sure it isn’t huge profit as Nokia used to earn before, because time has changed in the industry and it is hard to follow Chinese competition that can manufacture good quality phones for substantially less amount of money, and time the quality maybe isn’t the same, but people don’t want to overprice the phones any more. Nokia realized that before it sold its Devices and services business to Microsoft. But, what is the reason to come back then? Well, there are two things left now, technology patents and recognizable brand. Both of those have big potential, and the latter one Nokia needs more than ever. Today’s networking business changed a lot and it is becoming more commercialized and recognized brands will succeed more. To push things like OZO, MIKA digital assistant, Nokia Smart Home, AVA virtual intelligence, and Withings products, you need to force people to Google Nokia a bit more, and by pushing the Nokia devices backt to the market, that is going to be achieved.

After Nokia sold it’s devices business, Nokia brand didn’t trend well on Google, and that continued by Microsoft shutting down Lumia brand. With Nokia 6 appearing on the scene, Nokia brand has become the topic of interest on Google, and that is seen in the graph beautifully.


So, Nokia will earn some amount of money by playing it safe, monetize patents by pushing it to other manufactures instead of keeping it for itself, and gain fame by pushing its name back on the phones again. And, what is more important, we will have Nokia phones in our hand once again ?.

What are your thoughts about this?