#OZO Masterclass: Learn more about the 360 VR filming

Nokia Technologies are really doing a great job promoting its unique 360 VR camera, Nokia OZO. They organized a OZO Masterclasses, regular classes where people from the movie industry and those closer to 360 video shooting will reveal all the titbits on how to use the VR camera. The first Masterclass was held on December, 13th and guest speaker was and visual effects Oscar winner Alex Henning, who talked more than one hour about 360 video production. Alex was working on Martin Scorsese’s movie “Hugo”, but also was credited for the work on numerous blockbusters like Star Trek Into Darkness, After Earth, Alice in Wonderland, Shutter Island, The Golden Compass, Superman Returns, Sin City, and The Day After Tomorrow.

This was just the first class out of many that are going to be held all over the world with Nokia OZO as a main shooter. Nokia OZO is also great for lectures like this one where you can browse around the space and feel like you are there. Maybe live classes or events are the best occasions to use OZO.  Check out the video.