HMD: Expect extremely competitive, high quality and globally available #Nokia smartphones


CEO of HMD Global Arto Nummela and the President of HMD Global Florian Seiche revealed, in an interview with India Times, more details about the company’s plans, and the future mobile devices. You can find the most interesting statements down below.

Q: Which will be the first markets where phones will be sold?

A: So we are going to be global from day one for our featurephone business. We have the ability and our organisation is spread across the planet so we are able to start the business globally from day one. We’re going to do our smartphone business in a similar manner, so it’s not going to be any selective market only we are going to be a global player at the start of operations. India is one of our key markets right from the start.

Q: What can be the starting prices of smartphones.

A: We are not yet disclosing the details on portfolio but we are going to have wide range of price points. (…)

Q: How do you plan to counter extreme competition in India?

A: We are going to be extremely comeptitive in terms of the specifications and price but we’re not going to be highlighting the megapixels or Ghz. This is going to be the true Nokia entering the market again.
Florian: We have the opportunity to distance from the competition, we can take a human aspect on technology. We have the brand equity and we want to leverage that to the fullest. Every product, marketing, will be the true to the Nokia brand and the foundation of it. Stability, quality, reliabilty and then we’re bringing in innovation where it matters the most for consumer, and removing the clutter. This will be seen through Nokia line up coming to life again.

Q: Besides brand equity, what will be the differentiating factors that will define Nokia from competition?

A: It will be premum quality, design athat people will immediately recognise as Nokia. We will be very strongly competitive in pricing position (…)

To sum up, HMD promises aggressively priced, high quality Nokia-branded smartphones at every price point and globally available. We are eagerly waiting to see the first devices, probably next year at MWC. 🙂

You can read the whole interview here.


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