Rumors: Nokia 8.1 might be the last Nokia phone with notch

Nokia X7

The smartphone notch Apple introduced to the mobile world is a really polarizing feature – a number of users don’t like it, some do like it, and my guess is that most consumers don’t care about the notch if the rest of the phone is all right. I might be wrong. A certainly negative thing about notches when it comes to the tech-savvy consumers that read reviews is that all reviewers mention the notch, and most with negative connotations.

Nokia Mobile also announced a few “notched” devices, First in Asia, with the Nokia X5, X6 (later renamed as 5.1 plus and 6.1 plus), and most recently with the Nokia 7.1 in Europe and the US. Nokia Mobile also announced the Nokia X7 in China featuring the notch – rumored to be premiered globally on 5th December as Nokia 8.1.


Less than two weeks before the Dubai event, the resourceful Nokia community Nokia Anew was told by their sources that Nokia 8.1 (X7) might be the last device from Nokia with a notch. Not the last phone this year, but the last Nokia phone overall. Keep in mind, plans change and their source might be wrong.


The goal in the mobile industry today is to make the front surface of a phone as useable as possible, stretching the screen to all edges and ideally covering the whole front with the screen. Notch is a way towards that goal, and lately we have seen from display manufacturers different solutions like a teardrop screen or a hole in the screen for the camera. Samsung also discussed an underscreen camera solution, where the screen becomes transparent for the camera when the front camera is activated.

Nokia 3.1 Plus

I personally don’t mind small bezels on the phone. In fact, the front of the low end Nokia 3.1 Plus (ok sized bezels) is something that I would like to see on a phone, rather than a notch or display holes, but that’s just me. There are other solutions like a pop-up front camera or a slider front camera, as well.


Nokia Anew also confirmed that Nokia 6.2 won’t have a notch, but it will have an interesting solution. That’s all their source told them, and we don’t really know what “interesting solution” really means. Another reason to be excited for next year announcements.

Keep in mind that the info about Nokia 8.1 being the last phone with the notch is a rumor, and until we really see the phones for 2019 we cannot be sure. There is always a possibility of HMD changing their mind, but considering how slow the rollout of Nokia X5 and X6 was, the info might be correct.

What do you think? What is the best solution for smartphone displays?