Nokia Mobile now has a full-fledged site for tracking (security) updates

Some time ago Nokia Mobile introduced a pretty basic site under for tracking security updates. Recently, that site received a major functionality upgrade and now allows you to track updates for specific variants of a Nokia phone. Finding your variant is pretty straightforward, just pick you phone from the drop-down menu, and find the build number in your phone’s settings (About phone section).

Nokia 5.1 Plus and 6.1 Plus haven’t been added to the list yet, but HMD will probably include them pretty soon. The 5.1 Plus isn’t even on sale yet, while the availability of Nokia 6.1 Plus is extremely limited outside China.

I have to say that the full-fledged site for tracking security update is a welcomed addition, so now users can check if a release started for their device. Keep in mind, states the site, “the release may take several days to reach all consumers within an approved market”, so don’t panic if it isn’t available right away. 🙂