Nokia 7 plus coming to UK on May the 2nd with free Google Home Mini

Seems that Google and HMD are ready to jointly push the sales of the new Nokia phones in, for them, key markets. In Europe, we already saw that with every purchase of the new Nokia 6 in Italy, that will be available next month for €279, you get a free Google Home Mini smart speaker. The same offer will be applied for the first month buyers in the UK, but for a different device – the Nokia 7 plus.

Nokia 7 plus is HMD’s first phablet and probably the most anticipated Nokia smartphone from the lineup announced at MWC2018 a month ago. The 7 plus sale in the UK will start on 2nd May for 349GBP or 399 euros. As said, during the first month of sale, every buyer will get the 50 pounds worth Google Home Mini. It’s not much, but the 7 plus already has a competitive price and free stuff will surely attract buyers.

According to, Nokia 1 and Nokia 8 Sirocco will also hit the UK during May for 80GBP (90 euros) and 650GBP (744 euros), respectively. No word about the new Nokia 6 for UK market, but the Nokia 8110 4G should come during June for the same price as Nokia 1 (90 euros), according to Clove.