Nokia 8 gets somewhat poor DxOMark, but still better than 808 Pureview?!

Much was expected from the first Android-powered Nokia flagship from HMD – especially in the camera area, especially after announcing the partnership with ZEISS. With the Nokia 8, HMD, unfortunately, didn’t break any records in term of camera quality on the market, but offered an overall good shooter (and device) for its price class. A lot of us expected more, though.

Now, world’s famous (or notorious) camera benchmarking site DxOMark published their camera review of Nokia 8’s camera and gave the device an overal 68 DxOMark score. This puts the camera quality of the Nokia 8 below devices such as Apple’s iPhone 6, Meizu Pro 7 and all the other high end class of devices like Pixels, Galaxy S8, Note and similar. The score, though, is better than the one DxOMark gave to the Nokia 808 PureView, to some, probably still, the best imaging smartphone on the planet, featuring the unique PureView technology with oversampling. Check the notes down below.

If you’re thinking about buying a Nokia 8, but you’re afraid because of the camera quality, you don’t really have to be. The 8 features a decent shooter for the €500 price class, but don’t trust us on the word, but visit our Flickr gallery with the full resolution photo samples of Nokia 8. HMD also announced that they are working on a camera update, so further improvements are expected. If the camera is your No.1 priority, then the 8 probably is isn’t the best smartphone on the market.

It was clear from the start, or better to say from the first comparison shots, that the 8’s camera isn’t on the level of highend phones from Samsung, Google and Apple, at least not in every aspect, but I really cannot explain in what universe does the Nokia 808 PureView have a worse camera than any of the devices in front of her?

Check DxOMark’s full camera review here.

  • DxOMark are as legit as the daily sun…thats all..

    • Beautiful shot bro. Nokia 8 is a capable shooter, not perfect for every light condition but capable.

    • AriHansen

      You know what? Your camera does not matter. . That being said, and as a owner of a Nokia 830, I find Nokia 8 superior in color fidelity, but somewhat lacking in macro capabilities. Moreover, I’d like a camera app like Lumia app found in old lumia phones, that is, with the capability to set iso, exposure and the like…

  • simo

    I really have no explanation for how DxOMark does their scoring but they’re usually pretty accurate. I have a Note8 and a Nokia 8, and though I love almost everything about the Nokia 8 and prefer it as my daily driver, the fact is the Note8’s camera runs circles around it.

    I’m confident HMD will make quick strides in that regard, however. It’s almost certainly all a matter of software and algorithm optimization as everything about the Nokia 8’s hardware is top-notch and best-of-the-best.

    • Nokia 8 doesn’t have the best camera up there, but the fact it has better camera than Nokia 808 is somewhat strange :).

      • simo

        Yeah absolutely. It hurts DxOMark’s credibility for those of us familiar with the 808 PureView. It’s surprising to me because despite a lot of fan and media “pressure,” they’re typically honest with rightfully scoring Pixel and Galaxy cameras higher than iPhone cameras for example.

        Their criteria must lean heavily on more recent advancements to speed, exposure, auto-focus, etc. and less on traditional benchmarks like megapixel count. One thing’s for sure, their comparison of 808 PureView vs. Nokia 8 did not rely on obvious eye tests.

  • (͡o‿O͡)
    • simo

      This speaks volumes. Bokeh is weighted very low by DxOMark, yet Nokia 8 has a fantastic Bokeh mode, “the best on any smartphone” according to this review. If that simple score were weighted higher, the overall grade would have been higher as well

    • Seen this before which again leaves remark for credibility

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    What a joke! The formidable Nokia 808 is in a class of it’s own.

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  • zafer eldar

    I am realy dissappointed with results of DxoMArk camera test and comments on Nokia’s camera quality. But it isnt suprise in fact. When I watch the camera comparisons of Nokia with other good brands I can see that the other brands have a better camera performance particulary in low light conditions and in colour combination. I cant believe that Carl Zeiss made a mid range camera for the flagship model of Nokia