Happy New Year dear Nokia and Nokiamob fans :)

Dear Nokiamob readers, Nokia fans, owners of any Nokia gadget and all the good people, on behalf of the whole team I wish you all the best in New Year. Happy, happy 2018. May the Nokia spirit of connection be with you and with your love ones.

Another year is behind us and this is fifth of the Nokiamob, actually we are closer to the sixth year (in just 4 months Nokiamob will turn six). This 2017. was quite interesting for me, for team, Nokiamob and hope for you. We saw a big comeback of the Nokia brand in smartphone, but also feature phone domain. Nokia was successful in the Health gadget business and successfully rebranded Withings products and finally launched Nokia Steel HR. Nokia is doing well in the implementation process of 5G and in the IoT segment also. It was part in the creation of 5G standards. Nokia also launched global WING network which will be useful for the connection of million devices to the internet. Nokia also managed to get royalties for its patents from giants like Apple and Huawei which filled up her budget.

Some interesting times are ahead of us, CES in Las Vegas where both Nokia Technologies and HMD Global will be present, MWC2018 in Barcelona where we may expect a launch of many new Nokia branded products. We can surely expect some  new phones (3 at least) to be revealed with the first days of 2018. In China, but there will be many phones launched at MWC2018 (3 at least). I’m hoping to see next generation of Steel watch, and maybe further development of OZO audio and video for smartphones.

Anyway, hope you’ll gear up with some Nokia product to follow you trough 2018. Be joyful and if you drink, eat well 😊.


Thank you all for being with us! See you in the 2018. Cheers form the Nokiamob team!


  • Akilesh
  • haha123

    This is surely the most satisfying New Year for us Nokia fans for a long long time. Longer than Nokiamob.net has existed!

    Really looking forward to 2018! HMD said a few months ago they are aiming to make Nokia “one of the top smartphone brands in 3-5 years”. I think that’s a huge overstatement – with the great progress we’ve seen so far, I am highly positive Nokia will become a major smartphone player THIS coming year, or 2 years max!

    So AFAIK we will see by January/early 2018: Nokia 9, Nokia 6 (2018), Nokia 3310 (4G), and possibly Nokia 7 global version, a Nokia phone with QWERTY keyboard.

  • Happy New Year :)))

  • Kimo Timonen

    Happy new year to all of you guys.
    I wish you a beautiful amazing 2018 and that can be the same for our beloved Nokia

  • Stinger

    Cheers to all of you at Nokiamob! I’m so glad I found this site. Happy New Year guys.

  • asd

    Happy New Year to everyone here, looking forward to see what 2018 brings. Should be interesting 🙂