Video: Review of the official Nokia cases CC-801 and CC-803 for Nokia 8 and 5 by TechBuzzIreland

Dear friend Jim, and massive Nokia fan, from just did a short but informative review of latest covers unveiled recently for Android running Nokia devices. HMD presented first the Soft Touch case CC801 for Nokia 8 and Jim did the video review of the case which you can see below.

Nokia 8 is a bit slippery and this case will help you protect the edges and the back of this beautiful phone from damage. Case reminds me of those previous cases Nokia made for Nokia Lumia series like Lumia 1520 (CC-623), Lumia 925 (CC-3065) or Lumia 1020 (CC-3066) and other devices.


Jim also reviewed the similar shaped case for Nokia 5 CC-803, which just lacks the fibre lining on the inside of the case as CC-801 has. Additionally, this one has Carbon Fibre design at the back. Check out the video review below.

Link for the Jim’s review of CC-801

Link for the Jim’s review of the CC-803

  • Michael

    Too late for us. Not a Nokia case to be found. Official or some kind of knockoff. Ours got dropped and luckily only heavily scuffed a couple corners. Hopefully we can find one soon before the next drop happens. I will get something when we are back in the US in a few weeks.

    • simo simo

      You’re using the Nokia 8 in the US? Can I ask which network and what features (if any) are incompatible? Like Voice over LTE, Wifi Calling, video calling, etc.

      • Michael

        I use the phone on at&t. Just dont get LTE speeds but dont need. I have been able to stream anything I need to. Use it as a hotspot as well.

        I do my Wifi/Data calling with Line2. Great service as it allows me to receive text messages unlike skype. My at&t gophone number/service does not do international roaming, so having Line2 is a real lifesaver when overseas but I use it all time.

        I dont know about video calls but we do that through the LINE( different from the Line2 service mentioned above)app

        For me, the hybrid slot is great because I dont need all the storage but I do need the convenience of a second sim. The software makes it easy to turn off and on a particular sim and switch which is the data sim.

        If I am not mistaken, I believe you can get full speed on TMobile.

        • simo simo

          Thank you. That’s interesting. Yes, I watched a review of the Nokia 8 on YouTube and the reviewer said they were getting full LTE on T-Mobile, surprisingly that included voice over LTE and WiFi calling.

          He’s using a single SIM Nokia 8 variant he bought in Australia. I wonder if the dual-SIM versions found all over Ebay would work the same way with T-Mobile in the US…

          • Michael

            You got me doubting myself and curious because I was giving you my experience with my Huawei P9. I live over in Thailand most of the time, but go back to the US to visit or work part time on a project. So I bought both the Huawei P9 and our Nokia 8 here. Haven’t used the Nokia 8 in US yet (will in a few weeks) and just assumed the experience would be the same.

            But… it got me looking and I found a really cool site.

            Here is the specs on the Nokia 8:

            Here is the compatibility with ALL carriers in the US:

            I’ll let you know here how it works on AT&T if you are interested.

          • simo simo

            Yes, please do keep me updated. By the way, the variant that reviewer I referred to is using is the TA-1012.