Snapdragon 845 is 30% more energy efficient than its predecessor

Qualcomm released the full info about its finest chipset that most of the flagship smartphones for 2018 will use, Snapdragon 845. We already know that 845 will be using the 10-nm production process which is the same as with its predecessor. So, latest info we got is that Snapdragon 845 will have 8 Kryo cores, where four of them will operate at 2.8 GHz, and another four at 1.8 GHz. Video will be processed by the latest Adreno 630, and we will be able to surf the web at maximum download speed of 1.2 Gbps thanks to the X20 LTE modem.

This top model chipset will support 4K screen resolution, and what is more important, camera sensors up to 32 MP, or two 16MP cameras. It will be able to take 4K 60fps HDR video and 720p slow motion video at 480 frames per second.

Qualcomm also worked a lot to make this processor as much energy efficient as possible, so they reduced power consumption by 30% compared to Snapdragon 835.

There are just few upgraded things like lower power consumption and better graphics chip, but many other things stayed the same. So, Nokia 8 will still be a mighty device.

So, what about Nokia 9? Well, to compete with the best out there, HMD should maybe wait a bit longer and launch it with the Snapdragon 845, instead of 835. But, if Nokia 9 doesn’t bring anything radical, both in design and hardware, maybe it is acceptable to launch it with 835. Personally, I can wait a bit longer, maybe till MWC2018. We all got Nokia 8, which is a capable device, and enough to cover for Nokia 9 another few months.

But, since it seems that Nokia 9 is already in production, it is possible we will see it soon and with Snapdragon 835.


Find out more about the Snapdragon 845 here.

  • Stinger

    It’s too bad. But it might not be a dealbreaker for most people if it’s a stunning phone. After Samsung’s greed is satisfied Nokia can release another powerhouse.

    • Rob Beijendorf

      It sounds like the ISP got a big boost in the SD845 with the leap from Spectra 180 to 280. The hardware now employs many of the processing techniques that Google uses as software in their Pixel line.

      Neat tricks like multi-frame noise reduction, improved EIS, motion-compensated temporal filtering. Not to mention it can handle HDR video recording, 4K@60FPS, 720P@480FPS, it can capture 16MP images continuously at 60 FPS so you’ll never miss a shot. It supposedly also has a vastly improved parallax-based depth sensing capability for dual cameras, which is key in applications such as the fake bokeh effect (or VR, AR, XR, etc).

      If HMD want their cameras to return to the old Nokia level, they would probably be wise to aim for the SD845, unless they’ve figured out the software for themselves by now.

  • Hemedans

    If they say 30% perfomance increase and 30% more efficient compare to previous generation in other language they mean sd 845 will use same power as sd835 but will be more powerfull. its just marketing terms.

  • Geert

    One more change with the sd845, because of which I’ll wait to replace my Samsung S5 duos : from the sd845 on you can have on dual sim phones on both sim-cards 4G simultaneously… And the sd845 supports all available frequencies in the world… So hope for the Nokia 9 or else the 10….