Nokia denies rumors of buying Juniper for $16 billion

CNBC posted fake news this week, saying that, according to their sources, Nokia is preparing a 16 billion dollars heavy bid for Juniper Networks, a US-based telecommunications company. Nokia, contrary to its praxis of commenting rumors, posted an official response via a press release.

Nokia comments on rumors related to Juniper Networks

Espoo, Finland – While Nokia does not typically comment on market rumors, given the specificity of press reports related to a potential acquisition of Juniper Networks, the company issued the following statement: “Nokia is not currently in talks with, nor is it preparing an offer for, Juniper Networks related to an acquisition of that company.”

This CNBC rumor caused a 25% increase in Junipers share price, that quickly went down after Nokia denied the rumors. It’s interesting that Nokia’s response denied even talking to Juniper. I’m no financial expert, but a big merger or acquisition in the telecommunications infrastructure market is very likely in the near future, considering the market shift towards cloud and the Chinese rising telco giants like Huawei and ZTE.

Source: Nokia

  • Michael

    That crowd over there at CNBC and especially Cramer are crooks and scumbags. Real good guy:

    • Such manipulations. Makes me sick watching it. Btw, CNBC doubles down on Nokia’s acquisition of Juniper

      • Michael

        Thanks for that link. Been kind of downsizing my Internet interests (so much negativity everywhere) and taking a break from investment related things to give my mind a little break. Still check in here though 🙂

        It is certainly possible(but they can say anything they want to save face). That doesn’t change my feeling about CNBC. Have to imagine it would be next to impossible to hide a deal. Whoever leaked it (probably Goldman), if true, knew what they were doing and found a friend in CNBC Make a quick profit, scuttle the deal, make Cisco, Ericsson aware, possibly increase value of eventual takeover. Its a cut throat business as that Cramer video illustrates.

        • Good insight. Also, the Nokia-Juniper story is going on for ages. Not the time we hear about it. Will be interesting to see what will come out of this 🙂