New update available for Nokia 6

HMD Global released a new update for the global (non-Chinese) variants of Nokia 6. Our Nokia 6 TA-1033 received the update that is about 150MB in size, bringing stability improvements and UI enhancements. We didn’t notice any obvious changes right after the update, and if we do find something, we will update the article.

If the update isn’t available for your Nokia 6, don’t panic. Update availability depends on your model number, market, and operator. It will be available eventually.

Did you update your 6? Do you notice any improvements? Tell us down below. 🙂

  • Mark Anthony Vista

    Updated mine.. i think they fixed the signal bar not being properly aligned on landscape on some apps.. noticed it before. it seems it’s gone already

    • Hi, I saw that camera is snappier, and fingerprint scanner unlocking is faster. At least it seems a bit faster.

      • Mark Anthony Vista

        placebo? mine’s still the same.. no performance gain or whatever..

        • Been checking that, but really is faster. At least to me… Noticed that instantly when unlocked the phone

  • warre1

    My problem with drm video (black screen in Play Movies when playing back videos) has been fixed it seems. Problem appearead originally with andoid 7.1.2.

  • Plan B

    It looks like Android pay has been added too.

    • Yep, wasn’t there before

      • thayseer

        Where it is. I couldn’t find Android pay in the settings menu after the latest update.pls help

  • Roger Grosswiler

    Settings/Languages contains now more languages. German/Switzerland has not been there before.