Nokia Flexi 10 base station is smaller and more energy efficient. It beats the competition


We mainly recognize the Nokia brand through the mobile phones, but Nokia is not all about the mobile phones. Actually, when Devices and Services division went broke, Networks division was the one that helped raise Nokia back on her feet. Even current CEO, Rajeev Suri, is coming from networking division. Without network hardware, mobile phone business wouldn’t be possible, and Nokia is doing a lot to make mobile networks better and efficient.

Nokia has been working for a long time on energy efficient and more sustainable network hardware. Nokia developed new Flexi Multiradio 10 Base Station, which can provide you more network capacity, efficiency and flexibility but with lower costs through an adaptable radio network. Additionally, Flexi 10 is world’s smallest base station and since it is high capacity and software defined, you don’t need many of those to cover the same area.

Nokia’s Barry French has posted an interesting photo showing just two (or three) Nokia Flexi 10 base stations doing the same job as 9 cells made by competitors. This way Nokia lowered the power consumption and rental fees, which will be interesting for many operators around the world. Nokia has been installing these stations for over 10 years which makes them field-proven.

If you want to find out more about Flexi 10, click the link.



  • Stinger

    I love it that Nokia continues to be one of the great innovative companies. And they’re so modest about it. An American company would be screaming about Flexi 10 from the rooftops.

    • Nokia was screaming too, a decade ago. Then happened the fall 🙂 Apple seems similarly arrogant, but has enough cash reserves to be so

      • Stinger

        Excellent point. 🙂

    • Nokia is wery smart regarding the Networking business, and is investing a lot in R&D. As I understand, Nokia Networks still has manufacturing sites all around the world… So, old Nokia is still present, but more careful.