Nokia: Android continues to be the main target for Malware

Nokia’s cyber security unit posted a new Threat Intelligence Report for 2017, where the company analyzed more than 100 million devices using the NetGuard Security Management Center software, that Nokia uses to protect the mobile and fixed networks of their customers.

Nokia concludes that in 2017, ransomware software stepped up its game with the like of WannaCry and NotPetya that caused massive infections around the world. In mobile, Android platform did see a decrease in share of mobile infections from 74% of all mobile devices infected with mobile malware in 2016, to 68% in 2017. Nokia says this improvement is primarily because of Google’s Google Play Protect system that helps protect the device and find malicious applications available in the Google Play Store. A huge problem remain 3rd party stores and side-loading of apps.

For example, in the world’s biggest smartphone market, China, 96% of apps are downloaded via 3rd party stores, and such stores need to increase their security to better find malware hidden inside available apps. Nokia also noticed that some apps could unintentionally start DDOS-like attacks on operator’s network. In 40 seconds, a device doubled the load of an operator’s network causing performance issues, all because of a software glitch caused during a software update of the device. Nokia’s software helps operators find and deal with such Accidental DDoS attacks, brags Nokia in the report.

You can find other interesting facts in Nokia’s Threat Intelligence Report for 2017 signing up for the report here. If you don’t want to sign up, you can directly download the report (PDF) by clicking here.

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    Not just malware, but adware, spyware and data mining along with a constant bombardment of advertisements.

    This operating​ system can automatically record our voices without us knowing and record us using the cameras without us knowing!

    Out of the billions of Android users, does anyone care about this??? Does anyone on this site have the capacity to understand this?

    It seems unlikely, unfortunately… People worldwide love stupid waste of time games and apps and other nonsense! Nonsense!

    Our beloved Symbian never had this crap associated with it. So what did they do? They killed it off…

    But people would rather download a stupid app like solitaire or how to tie a tie, and in the background, it needs and obtains permission for contacts, camera, mic, system memory, location, etc!

    The brain dead masses are far too ignorant to realize this and live their lives completely clueless to these things.

    Symbian could have been polished and kept and somehow been given access to the play store, or some equivalent. It’s truly a shame what happened​ to Symbian. They could have kept it for the low end. They should have!

    Perhaps in 5-15 years we’ll all see how open Android was. Exposing all our info, especially in the US, under the guise of the Patriot act…

    Simple rudimentary basic operating system, nothing more! (Android) … Symbian​ Belle FP2 was ideal, just needed faster chipsets and better specs, and a plethora of stupid advertisement filled spyware apps for the masses…

    This should be unacceptable! Yet no one cares nor will anyone speak up.

    But saying Eric is a pessimist or annoying, or I should just stay quiet.

    • I remember when EU granted Nokia 22 billion euro to perfect the Symbian and to make it European mobile OS, but then Elop did his Burning Memo maneuver and everything went bust.

      But, to be frank, Android is most similar to Symbian then iOs or Windows phone which was mixture of iOS and Android :).

      • EricLovesSymbian

        EricLovesSymbian says:

        Yes yes…
        I remember that too.
        There was some form of blockage that they were trying to do so all the operating systems wouldn’t just be US based. That was the goal. Some activists saw this coming and tried to secure a European based operating system but as we can all see, it unfortunately failed. But not failed on its own, it failed because it was eradicated by an American company. It was destroyed and killed and savagely removed, even though it was still thriving.

        Symbian was a secure mature battery efficient platform that was far ahead of its competitors. The optimizations were incredible.

        But, as we all can see, the mindless masses chose a platform with millions of apps that will distract them from real life and money making, and use up their time on games or posting silly pictures, videos, etc.

        Maybe I’m too ignorant or too old to see understand and realize the appeal of why some one would care to eat a hamburger and post it somewhere for the world to see. Or to play a nonsense game instead of reading investing educating ourselves.

        I just don’t get it man…

        (Note: I will always have a bias and positive defense for Symbian. And if time permits, I’m willing to go toe to toe with anyone that wants to disprove it)

        But regardless, we all live in a world that is dictated by advertisements, revenue, and stealing (info, money, data, time , account passwords, attention, and so on)

        • The fun thing is that an American company owns what is left of Symbian 🙂 Accenture

  • Brendan Wang

    feel regretted that i haven’t own any Symbian S60 device.