Stephen Elop visited Nokia’s HQ this morning; Nokia refuses to comment

Former CEO of Nokia Stephen Elop put whole Finland on high alert this morning, when he reportedly visited Nokia’s headquarters in Espoo. The story about Elop visiting his former workplace was first reported by less than an hour ago, and we already have speculations arising what is the infamous (ex)CEO doing there.

Stephen Elop is currently the CTO of Telstra, one of Australia’s biggest service providers, that is also working with Nokia on network infrastructure and with HMD by selling new Nokia phones. Stephen Elop was also seen near the Nokia booth at MWC this year, as can be seen in the picture below, exclusively shared with NokiaMob.

Is Stephen Elop coming back to Finland as the new CEO of Nokia? Will he once again lead Nokia’s phone division, now under HMD Global in new victories? Most certainly not. If he has been this morning visiting Nokia’s HQ, then it’s probably because of his role as the CTO of Telstra. Nokia refused to comment if Mr. Elop was really in a visit to Nokia’s HQ this morning, which allows different theories and speculations to flourish.

Tell us your theory why Stephen returned to Nokia? Is it just because of Telstra or maybe there is something else? After all, he is the owner of HMD Global, right? πŸ™‚

  • Gerrard Jr

    Oh no…

  • I was happy with the hardware and software that “NOKIA” produced under Elop’s leadership. I won’t comment anything about the choice of OS, but the devices and the software that came out of nokia labs were certainly more polished.

    • Hardware and technology were top notch, that I agree πŸ™‚

      • JLIT99

        Without the right OS, it was all in vain though..

      • With software I am only talking about the apps and the other software that came from Nokia (inc Care Suite/Nokia Suite), not the OS. I’m also of the opinion that Nokia devs actually built apps which were more stable than what MS did.
        I believe Nokia devs were the hardest workers, even if it was because the app gap needed whatever possible fill they could do.

        • That is true in fact. Nokia implemented some basic features like Bluetooth file transfer into the OS, without Microsoft even knowing Nokia was working on it. Nokia’s software team was frustrated how slow the OS development at MS was. Imagine replacing Symbian with something that didn’t have copy/paste. That must’ve been really hard for senior Nokia dev leaders. Not to mention the whole dev network, hackatons, excluisve apps, partnerships and so on.

          • Exactly πŸ™‚

          • JLIT99

            Furthermore, Nokia had the largest Linux development team of any smartphone manufacturer. They had to fire/retrain almost everyone for WP (Nokia was the one manufacturer which previously refused to create Windows Mobile phones).

            The Linux and Qt skills would have been perfect for Android. I (and many others) felt right from the beginning it would end the way it did.

    • Romandi

      Too bad he killed meego before it had a chance and limited its sales and said Wether it succeeds or not we’re not making anymore

      He also killed symbian with the burning platform memo overnight when it was still the top selling os

      • Burning Platform memo was the biggest fail he did…

        • Damages when internal documents are leaked to the public πŸ™‚ That wasn’t addressed to the public. Employees did that because they knew they were getting kicked from their jobs of being a Symbian developer which had a super slow pace of development but with high costs. Something which wasn’t sustainable for Nokia given the high rates at which it was bleeding cash.
          Elop got appreciation and bonuses for getting that deal done. So, it is just what the BOD wanted and Elop certainly did the work in the best interests of Nokia. No other body would have fetched so much cash for the dying and highly costly business that Nokia had.

          There are always damages with a leaked internal document. Imagine what would have OEMs felt when an internal Google email was leaked which read “we are using compatibility as a club to make [OEMs] do what we want”

          • The phrasing “We sit on a burning oil platform” didn’t help either.

          • Maybe its also about where a person comes from. It might be an acceptable statement from your boss in Canada, maybe not in Finland. Maybe he failed to understand the cultural and regional differences in the workspace.
            I still like this man for having the guts to tell that there’s a severe problem. “We don’t have the cash to burn on it anymore.” He wasn’t afraid of being fired by the board, something which his predecessors were. In the end he again got his bonuses and resigned rather than being thrown away.

            Risto said he was one of the most hard working guys he ever met. So yep smh.

          • We have a first candidate for a Ban here on, he he :). Just kidding there.

            Actually I loved his presentations when new phones were launched and he really did transformed Nokia. The only thing I resent is the poorly done execution of the Symbian with “Burning Platform Memo”. He could have keept it for a year or two while transitioning to the WP, and that he released Nokia N9. he should have killed it before it was launched since that device gave a short hope to many Nokia fans that old Nokia can still push something different and succeed in in.

            later he did some bad decisions regarding the Lumia lineup… but the ultimate fall of the D&S department was because of Microsoft couldn’t make a proper OS that could follow closely the hardware that Nokia offered.

          • Stinger

            Ban Ban Ban Ban!!! ha ha ha. Just kidding.

            It’s nice to see a different viewpoint on Elop. But I will always associate the Elop Era with the Fall of Nokia phones.

          • Haha.. I’m sorry. I’d respect a ban if the management votes for it 😜
            Just one question.. Would you replace your CEO with a new one and keep him open to selling the business for a decent sum. IF your business was running all well?
            You won’t have that thought even if it was running “half well”.

          • I agree. Symbian could have been stretched for a few years.
            But I’m just of the opinion that the results would have been “considerably” different had the Memo stayed inside and the employees saw the overcoming problem and helped the management deal with it. They instead started with the panic and started calling him bad. I know that’s kinda same I’d do if somebody comes up and says “Your job is expected to cease soon”.
            We’ve read a lot of insider details which clearly show how much costly, incompetitive and slow the Symbian development became. Nokia had a leg in just too many things which weren’t being managed properly.

            Anyhow, Elop’s hiring agreement stated to either revive Nokia or sell it for a decent sum. One of this was done successfully. You know when even the BOD has thoughts of a sell out, they no longer trust the Business’s stability and competitiveness. They knew the problems more closely. Their ultimate goal is to “protect” the shareholders money and keep them from losing faith in the company. So profitability first, fans and the business areas later.

            I’m sorry if look like being defending Elop. I just see his decisions from a company’s perspective and they look positive. Maybe because the “business and manangement” classes which I’ve taken overpower the fanboyism inside me.

            And Nokia story hasn’t yet entered the textbooks for “What not to do?”. I mean they aren’t there teaching any lessons. Maybe the experts still failed to find out what was the cause of what happened with Nokia. Or there’s not enough value to derive from it.

          • sks

            His failure was only that he could not be the bridge between Nokia and Microsoft. Microsoft could not use Nokia to build the platform. I should rephrase, Microsoft’s poor execution of windows Mobile

      • Because an OS doesn’t get developed by one company alone. There’s a contribution of just soooo many partners. Intel had problems keeping up with MeeGo. Intel had no arm based chips. There was lack of other partners who wanted to jump into using MeeGo on their products. Nokia was getting out of cash.

        There’s a reason why Apple is the only one being able to keep its own mobile OS because the development costs are HUGE! The problem started much before Elop joined. Had all been well, Nokia board never needed Elop to take the seat as the new CEO.

    • Viccky Maurya

      I agree…. Nokia produced some awesome handsets under elop leadership (if we ignore OS) .

  • Stinger

    I got a throbbing headache when I read this headline. Elop killed the beautiful Meego. Idiot!

    • Functional vs beautiful. You said it πŸ™‚
      You can make a functional product beautiful. But can’t always make a beautiful product functional enough.

  • bishyhh

    Stephen Elop = Bad news

  • EricLovesSymbian says:

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    Well well well… What is this? What do we have here?

    Am I to believe that this diarrhea as a child, two faced pile of garbage subhuman was allowed anywhere near or beloved Nokia?

    He is a vile evil man! He shouldn’t be able to breath the clean air that Espoo Finland has to offer.

    He is sneaky and pervasive and manipulative!

    Where is the next billion BΒ‘+Β©#? Never happened, never would have happened!
    What happened to Windows phone? It was dead on arrival and it is dead now for good!
    What happened to Nokia? You pile of garbage subhuman couldn’t kill it, and it returned with an operating that is compatible with real life, you delusional illogical thief!
    What happened to pushing your agenda? The world responded and showed you and your company you are a true failure!

    You, pile of garbage subhuman, have no business anywhere near Nokia, it’s property, it’s country of origin, or anything that has to do with Finland!

    You diarrhea as a child subhuman, you ruined our beloved wonderful amazing fantastic terrific symbian and the futuristic meego and other Nokia advanced operations, and made them lose precious time and market share and revenue, and potential leadership!

    But seriously, we’re here venting and jabbing nonsense, while this subhuman got several million in severance pay, and is probably richer and more well off than all of us combined!

    What’s the point of even writing anything? He’s rich and we’re just talking $#it…

    • Calm down. πŸ™‚
      It over and it was past. Things are going in a right direction now. He was a CEO and he had to think about the profits in the end. It is just a business. He did what he felt was right at that time. πŸ™‚

      • bishyhh

        I don’t agree with you though, he did everything on purpose. He’s the bad news so he better stay away.

      • EricLovesSymbian

        EricLovesSymbian says:

        Lol… How are you buddy?
        I just went on one of my tirades again.
        When it comes to elop and windows phone (in relation to hurting Nokia), I become rather aggressive with my commenting.

        He made profits? It was at the detriment of our beloved Nokia.

        Things are getting better WITHOUT him… His presence was ill willed and maleficence at its finest.
        He could have kept Symbian! Put it on low end devices, added opera mobile as it’s default browser, then used the market to assess the winner for a smartphone platform. Meaning, come out with futuristic meego, use Android (without Nokia maps), and for the blind ignorant board of directors, they could make a few handicapped, garbage pathetic junk Windows phone (operating system) phones.

        Then, the market would be saturated with excellent Nokia phones and which ever excelled, they could have redistributed the revenue to push the selected operating system further.

        If Windows phone was superior over the other three, then continue, but if reality dictates truth, then they’d dispell it immediately and continue with Android, incredible safe stable fantastic wonderful mature Symbian, and futuristic meego…

        It’s truly a shame what little foresight elop had in reference to Nokia and its future outlook (money wise).

        He made Nokia and its staff and it’s consumer’s faulter.

        I hope Nokia becomes the dominant juggernaut it once was, in 2018-2019 …

  • SK

    Loved the first line. It’s hilarious. I hope Nokia HQ give their security guards flame throwers by the time he visit again. 😐

  • bishyhh

    He better stay away