Video: Nokia still promoting Steel Watch. But where is Steel HR?

Nokia continues to promote Nokia Steel watch on YouTube. New video demonstrates how a busy mom of two kids can stay in touch with her health by achieving daily practicing goal. That goal can be monitored easily over the Steel Watch. Waterproofness and longevity of the battery is emphasized again in this video, and those are the bestselling features. Along with its beautiful design.

What worries me is that Nokia Steel HR, probably the most wanted watch by everyone, is still missing in the market. Withings has some issues with the water vapor condensing from the inside of the front glass, but can’t believe it takes so much to fix that problem. Well, Steel HR should come on the market till the end of this year, according to some previous news, and I’m still waiting for it.

Are you going for the plain and beautiful Steel maybe?

  • Stinger

    I’d love to have the Steel HR.

    • Romandi

      I’m probably going to buy a withing branded one if nokia makes me wait any longer

      • That one in particular has the problem with water condensation on the glass. I would wait for the Nokia branded one

        • Romandi

          damn it I just looked it up you’re right how patience does a man have to be ??

          • They don’t say for nothing that patience is a virtue 🙂
            Hopefully few more weeks… #Soon

          • Romandi

            my patience is spent in traffic jams everyday 😀
            and I spent majority of my time in Australia and Egypt not very cold countries but I guess waiting would be the right thing to do 🙁 !

        • Jukka-Pekka Sokero

          Ive got the Withings HR. There’s in fact been the issue with water vapor condensing. What is odd, I havent had it for months with the exactly same use pattern.
          Otherwise Im pretty happy with it. A new version GPS would be nice, but that would probably mean a big difference in size and battery life. Since I started to do more training lately, Im considering to buy a proper sports watch.

  • xrevo

    In Germany it’s available on Amazon. But it seems only to be accessible via mobile mode and only via related search.

    • Thx for the info, but still not officially available at Nokia store