Florian Seiche is the new CEO of HMD Global; Pekka Rantala new VP

Florian Seiche

HMD Global today announced a change in their leadership team, or to be more precise, a change in roles in the leadership team. Current interim CEO and Vice President Florian Seiche is the new Chief Executive Officer at HMD Global. This summer, weeks before the Nokia 8 announcement, former CEO of HMD Global Arto Nummela left the position, and Florian took the role of the temporary CEO. It seems that HMD’s board likes how Florian performed as the CEO last 2 months, and decided to name him as the new CEO. Apart from being CEO, Florian Seiche will join HMD Global’s Board. Pekka Rantala, HMD’s Chief Marketing Officer, will also take the role of the Executive Vice President in the company structure.

Congratulations to Florian and Pekka. Hopefully, they will continue to lead the company in a good direction.

via: Suomimobiili.fi

Source: HMD Global (Press team)