Nokia 6 (TA-1033) updated to Android 7.1.2

Nokia 6, TA-1033 model specifically, has finally got the Android 7.1.2 with the latest update.
The update also brought the Google Security Patch for October and the new round Google widget. Additionally, latest update solved some software issues that TA-1033 had. Now the photos are looking great when taken with LED flash, not yellow anymore. It seems that HMD improved the Music mode of the Dolby Sound improvement, which sounds louder then Theatre mode.


If anyone there has the TA-1033 Nokia 6, tell us if you find anything new.

  • stan511

    That’s Chinese version, international is TA-1021

    • Chinese versions are TA-1000 and TA-1003. This one is for EU market.

      • stan511

        I’ve mistaken it with 1003. Mine is 1021 and would love to get 7.1.2 update because of yellow flash effect.

        • Go to manual mode and set white balance to fluorescence. Tell me how the shots turn ot now when using flash.

          • stan511

            I just got 7.1.2 update and now flash works fine, no yellow photos. I’ve set it to automatic mode because it’s not photo oriented phone, I’m using Nokia 808 instead 😉