Gallery: Nokia 7

Today HMD Global announced their newest smartphone, the Nokia 7. The 7 is, at the moment, exclusive for the Chinese market and will be available for purchase starting October 24th for €320 for 4GB RAM version and €345 for the 6GB RAM version. We didn’t see much real life photos or videos of the 7, because only local Chinese media were at the launch event, and no big tech like Engadget, The Verge or similar were there. So, we collected a gallery of photos and some videos where we can see how the 7 looks in real life and people’s hands, and you can check it down below.



Down below we have few YouTube videos that show the 7. Nokibar did a decent video of the 7, but it’s posted on a Chinese video service and can be accessed here. It’s great that HMD bundled a silicone case with the 7. The last time Nokia did that was with the N9 and Lumia 800 back in 2011. Also, HMD updated the camera UI for the Nokia 7, and will be interesting to see how much is it informed and when it will be available for other Nokia devices.



If you find more videos or interesting photos, do share it with us in the comments down below. Together with your thoughts of the device. It looks nice in the hand, have to admit. 🙂

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Update: Nokibar posted his hands on video on YouTube. Take a look down below.


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  • Muerte

    can’t help but complain about the useless big bottom bezel. Just put a speaker there or something but now it is just…. waste of space.

    • Jukka-Pekka Sokero

      agree, that is odd.

      Next step Nokia 9 and then put some effort on software side: develop own strengths keeping the benefits of vanilla Android to maximum.

  • Stinger

    They really should have put a speaker there. It’s so strange that they didn’t put anything there at all. I wonder if they are going to use that same chassis for a bezel-less phone.

    But it really is a great looking phone. I especially like how they looked in the bottom video. So sleek. What a great mid-ranger. Good job HMD. You guys now have a ton of phones to update, ha ha.

    Thanks for all the content guys!

  • d@__@b

    My OCD is tingling.