After a long time, Nokia 6 sold out in China

For quite some time Nokia 6 has been constantly available in China, with no supply issues. Today, I checked’s (HMD’s exclusive retail partner) page of Nokia 6 and the device is out of stock in every color and configuration. There is no mention when the 6 will be back in stock, but it is a little strange that this is happening on the eve of HMD’s China event, where the company is expected to announce new devices for the local market.

The event in on the 19th October, and it will be interesting to see if we will just see the Nokia 8 for the Chinese market, or maybe HMD surprises us with a brand new device.

Nokia 6

  • Stinger

    Ha! That would be a very sneaky move if true. LOL.

    Question: when they say Oct 19th, is that Chinese time? I think China might be around 10 or 12 hours ahead of me (Caribbean).

    • Yep, and it starts at 10am China time.

      • Stinger

        Awesome! I might stay up late tomorrow night to see what is revealed.

  • In stock at GeekBuying so it’s not sold out in China i don’t think. Bear in mind that GeekBuying only started listing it in the last week or so

    • True, but JD is HMD’s exclusive retail partner for Nokia 6 in China. Added it to the article to avoid confusion with all stores in China 🙂

      • Exclusive at the start, exclusive no more though.