Rumor: Latest render shows Nokia 9 without a headphone jack

Leaker @onleaks and site posted, as they claim, leaked 3D renders of the upcoming HMD’s bezel-less flagship, Nokia 9. The leaked render does share some details from the leaked front panel, but overall we cannot be sure how trustworthy this leak is. Check the photos and video down below.


On the specification side, the device could feature a 5.5 (or 5.7) inch AMOLED display with 2K resolution, but it doesn’t seem like it’s 18:9. It should run on Snapdragon 835 platform, coupled with 6 or 8GB of RAM. The dimensions are 140.9 mm  x 72.9 mm x 7.5 mm, with the camera bump going to 8.9mm of thickness. In comparison, Nokia 8 dimensions are 151.5 x 73.7 x 7.9 mm and with no camera bump. Such an increase in camera bump, if it is true, could suggest a more powerful camera on the Nokia 9, and, judging from the popularity of 808 or 1020, people don’t mind a camera bump if the camera is top notch.

Nokia 9 (leaked panel, front and back sketch based on rumors)

A thing I don’t like is the absence of headphone jack. I personally use the headphone jack on a weekly basis, but apart from headphones, I connect external speakers too to my device. Hopefully, HMD will include a USB Type C headphones and an adapter with the Nokia 9, or maybe even go a step further and couple a Bluetooth headset with the device. In general, I’m not a fan of removing stuff from phones (just like FM Radio), no matter if I use it or not. Of course, this could prove to be fake, and the real device could come with a headphone jack.

Announcement date, price and availability are unknown, but it will most certainly cost more than the Nokia 8.

Tell us your thoughts about the renders and lack of some features down below.

Thanks to everyone for the tip. 🙂

  • So, if turns out true…

    Edge Display
    Snapdragon 835 in 2018
    No Headphone Jack.


    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      Sad indeed…

      And if it ships with nougat, rather than Oreo, even worse.

      As for the dimensions, I would love that! Great for the hand, great for the pocket, great for the cup holders in cars.

      Unfortunately, I think the dimensions are a bit off. I’m guessing it’ll be about 5-7 mm taller.

      As for the headphone jack, I’m rather skeptical about this. Almost all Nokia phones have been shipped with headphones. That said, being a flagship, from a company that makes phones, watches, weight scales, and other things, unless the phone is packaged with a Nokia branded Bluetooth 5.0 ear piece, I highly doubt that they will remove the headphone jack. Nokia is quite conservative and wouldn’t do things to offend their fans. (Except for the tragedy known as killing off the wonderful symbian and forcing us to accept an incredibly handicapped garbage operating system – windows Mobile).

      But, yeah… Dimensions seem off a bit and the lack of a headphone jack seems unlikely. Only time will tell.

      • Add new technologies but not on the cost of removing the currently necessities

        So I hope there will be no removal of headphone jack on 9 or even on future models

  • Stinger

    I don’t know. I think the actual phone will look better than that.

    I’m not sure if Nokia will remove the headphone jack. A lot of people prefer having that jack.

    And that camera hump is pretty big when you compare it to the rest of the line-up. Why would they have such a huge bump on their most premium phone while their other phones have such discreet camera humps. It’s just strange to me. Maybe the render is true, but it doesn’t seem logical to me.

    I’m sure the real thing will look stunning. Nokia knows industrial design. In my opinion they’re the best when it comes to design.

  • steven

    no zeiss branding in the renders :/ !

    • Maybe it’s an early render

      • steven

        Will hopefully they changed their minds in later iterations

  • Michael

    Well, the lack of 3mm jack will not affect me in the least. Shouldn’t *really* affect anyone else either. Industry is moving to wireless and USB-C is pretty much the standard. Reducing redundancy is natural progression. There will be a USB-C set of earphones with package, and I’m sure an adapter for your higher end earphones until you decide to upgrade to USB-C or wireless. Have one (3mm jack), don’t have one. I’m good either way.

    Of course, this will now be a talking point either way. LOL

    I don’t want to read any whining about a camera bump *at this point*. It’s physics. Want a more capable camera? Then you have to put up with packaging compromises. Anyway, lets wait and see exactly what HMD comes out with then we can whine or rejoice. My disappointment would be if the camera bump is to accommodate some kind of optical zoom and the sensor is on par with Nokia 8. It’s nothing I need, but I do recognize that others might need the capability. If that was the case, that would be *the* deal-breaker for me. I’d hold off until following year Nokia 9 (if that is what it is called) flagship.

    Again…it’ll probably be a talking point either way. 🙂

    What exactly is the problem with the 835 SOC? What are the other options? As far as I know Samsung has the entire 845 SOC market for the first few months (just liuke with 835), so that would mean a release that overlaps with the next Nokia 8 right? As it is…the rumored release dates make sense *if* the 9 comes out during holiday season. Early horsepower for power hungry users in mid-summer, then phone with all the bells and whistles out for holiday season. Again…*if* that is how it all works out. 🙂

    Don’t really want to comment on the render at this point.

    Well….anyway… that’s my glass-is-half-full assessment. 😛

    • The industry moving towards USB Type C point is great.
      My point is
      Add new technologies but not on the cost of current necessities.

      It’ll be great to Charge my phone and listen to music together.
      So implementing Type C tech with headphone jack would be sweet.

      At the end just a render.. Real deal might be something else

      • Michael

        “It’ll be great to Charge my phone and listen to music together.
        So implementing Type C tech with headphone jack would be sweet.”

        Since this is a rumor article, would the rumored wireless charging change your mind on no 3mm headphone jack?

        • steven

          another point of discussion is if they do remove a the 3.5mm jack (which for me would be quite disappointing) is that they include a proper dac with the usb c port which many companies have ignored all together

          • Michael

            Sounds like Pixel 2 has done well. Have to figure the company bringing you ozo audio will be thinking it through.

            Guess we will see….hopefully soon enough 🙂

        • Based On Rumors

          Wireless Charging

          The tech is still under that phase for so long where it is require to put the phone to a particular spot and mostly laying flat … which to me doesn’t seems to be ideal.

          It’ll be amazing to get
          -3.5mm Headphone Jack
          -Wireless Charging
          -USB Type C

          I feel like these can be provided for the price these devices get launched for

  • Camera bump, fingerprint on the back, missing headphones.. Oh dear, no pls.