#Nokia 3310 3G now available in #Ireland

Besides Finland, Nokia 3310 3G is now available in Ireland. The price of the device is €59.99 which is the same as in Finland. The main difference between the regular Nokia 3310 and 3G version is the support for the 3G networks, but there are some changes in the body thickness and in OS. The 3G version is using so called Feature OS which is Java based but it doesn’t support WhatsApp or similar apps. We tried to get some more info about it, but it seems there isn’t many or any new features except the ability to operate on the 3G networks.

If you are tired of smartphones, maybe this one could be the phone for you. You can get it here if you would like to own one.


Via TechBuzzIreland

  • Kimo Timonen

    Also in Italy is available in a famous electronic store chain.
    The cost is 64.99€ for single Sim and 69,99€ for dual Sim.

    • Kalocsai Attila

      Nothing is impossible, just do it! if you have the intent, you can run on any platform

  • Michael

    I understand HMD was under a time crunch to start generating hype and get the Negativity name out there, but there was also a lot of negativity about the first release with only 2g capability. It’s just really too bad, that this isn’t the 3310 that they came out with in the first place.

  • Keith B

    Also available now in the UK. Man in the shop didn’t know the difference when I asked for the 3G version. The boxes look almost the same (like the phones).