Polished Blue Nokia 8 with 6GB/128GB coming to Finland soon

Believe it or not, Nokia 8 also come in more attractive color variants than silver and black. One of the most beautiful color variants is polished blue. Finns will have a chance to purchase polished blue version of the Nokia 8 at October 10. This version is going to come with 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage but the price is also going to be higher than the standard version of the 8. It will cost €649, which is approximately €70 more than announced price for Finland.

The phone will be available everywhere, from the operators to the retailers. Here are some links where you will be able to buy it.





Are you looking forward to this one?



Thaks Eero for the info 🙂

  • Christer Sjaunja

    AFAIK there is one matte color called Tempered Blue and one glossy called Polished Blue.

  • SIMO

    So if my information is correct, the 128GB/6GB RAM version of the Nokia 8 now comes in two colors, polished blue and tempered blue.

    My favorite is the polished copper. I’m surprised this souped up variant does not come in that color.

    • No. Polished Blue only.

      • SIMO

        I see the article has been corrected. Thanks.

  • I think the post’s title has a typo. It needs to say Polished Blue instead of Tempered Blue.

    • Corrected. You’re right. Thanks 😀