Tightening the grip: Nokia Tech CEO appointed as board member at HMD Global

As NokiaMob finds out, Gregory Lee, the newly appointed CEO of Nokia Technologies, that previously worked at Samsung, has replaced Brad Rodrigues as Nokia’s member of HMD’s board. Brad was the interim CEO before Lee was appointed back in June 2017. Rodrigues is responsible for Digital Media, Digital Health and Brand Licensing business units inside Nokia Technologies, and will probably keep working on the units.

It’s a big deal, or as it says in the title “Tightening the grip”, because Nokia Technologies CEO, that previously worked for Samsung (Mobile) as CEO in North America, will directly oversee HMD’s business, with a right to veto every decision. Considering Lee worked as the Head of Samsung’s Mobile division for North America, we can be sure that he will spot and correct mistakes HMD plans to do or does in early stages.

Talking about HMD, they still didn’t appoint a new CEO, after the company parted ways with former CEO Arto Nummela. We don’t know why Arto left, but at this point it is not important. We saw with Nokia 8 that HMD is logistically functioning and communicating better than with previous devices.

Other members of HMD’s board are:

  •  Wai Leung Chin, President of the board – former CEO of Foxconn (HMD’s manufacturing partner)
  • Jean-Francois Baril, full member –  former Nokia director that manages SmartConnect Lp, the private equity fund that owns HMD Global
  • Pei-Chu Yeh, full member – (former) director at Proview International Holdings, an electronics manufacturing company

It’s interesting that HMD’s owner is very secretive, and apart from their manager and postal address, we don’t know anything about SmartConnect LP. For an average user it isn’t that interesting, but as the old saying goes: “Follow the Money”, and who knows where it could lead us. All in all, HMD has a new board member that is also the CEO of Nokia Technologies and a highly competent person that worked for Samsung Mobile prior joining Nokia.

  • Stinger

    I don’t know why, but I’m feeling really confident for HMD with all these changes. Nokia & HMD are going to be heavy-hitters soon. A spot in the top 3 manufacturers is entirely possible within a year or 2.

    Thanks for news Stipe!

    • You’re welcome 😀 Me too, Nokia can’t let HMD fail and maybe Gregory was appointed to keep an eye more on HMD than on Nokia Technologies businesses

      • Stinger

        That’s exactly what it seems like to me! I like the fact that he’s from Samsung. He probably lives and breathes the mobile business, lol.

        • Jukka-Pekka Sokero

          Wont happen in 5-10 years since it would threaten the Nokia tech licensing business. The old mobile patens will start to lose value in 5 years (as far as I can remember of info in the media) and after that it could make sense to acquire HMDs business.

      • Another news that makes me feel
        Sooner or later HMD will be Nokia only and the separate brand will wash off.

  • Muerte

    It was said that Arto left due to some issues with the board. So if we cut corners one could assume that he got kicked out by Nokia.

  • Waiting for MWC 2018 😀