Nokia Steel has lower price till the end of September

Nokia lowered the price of its Steel watch for 20%. The new price is €103.96 and it will stay like that until September 30th. Nokia Steel is beautifully designed and nicely crafted analogue watch that can do much more than just show us time. When paired with your mobile phone, you can read the data about your activity and sleep, and it can even wake you up. And battery lasts for months!

The only bad thing about this watch is the existence of the Steel HR which is as beautiful as Steel, but has LCD info display and can measure HR, but for higher price. Just a little bit above the €100 seems to be great price for someone that doesn’t want the super smart watch, but rather capable one. Anyone interested in Nokia Steel?


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Via TechBuzzIreland

  • Stinger

    I like the Steel and the Steel HR , but I’ll wait until the next generation of Nokia’s hybrid watches before I do decide to get one. They look amazing though. And that new price is a great deal.

    • That is also reasonable thinking. I would love to own a Steel HR since now I’m using Xiaomi MiBand2 that hass all the features of the Steel HR, minus the watch itself.
      Next gen Steel watches could go full screen with maybe analogue watch?

      • Stinger

        That would be awesome!

  • markus

    I have the Nokia Steel. I love it. It looks like an ordinary watch, but it has a lot of nice features. I bought it together with my Nokia 6 and I am very happy with both.