HMD Global now owns the Nokia Lumia 2520 design patent

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Less than a week ago, HMD Global applied for a design patent for a “Tablet Computer”. After inspecting the application a little more, it links to a patent published under the number USD743959 which depicts the Nokia Lumia 2520 design patent. The original document from 2013 shows Nokia Corporation as the applicant, Microsoft Mobile as the assignee, and Boris Landwehr as the inventor.

The design patent is now under HMD Global, but it didn’t appear in EU’s EUIPO office yet. In fact, the patent for Lumia 2520’s design is still under Microsoft Mobile Oy at EUIPO, but considering HMD applied for the patent less than a week ago in the US, we can assume that a transfer of ownership will happen at EUIPO as well.

Nokia N1 tablet

The license HMD owns for the Nokia brand also covers the use in tablet computers. We saw a few tablets from Nokia (excluding the Meamo era), like Lumia 2520 or Nokia N1 that was made by Nokia Technologies after the sales of the Devices & Services business to Microsoft. HMD said that they do not plan a tablet for the moment, and I think it’s a good decision. Android tablets cannot compete with Windows tablets in terms of productivity, and big screen Android phones are taking the role from tablets, so I don’t see a point of making a tablet, unless it will run Windows 10.

You can check HMD’s Tablet Computer patent at Espacenet here.

Is a Nokia tablet a good idea? What OS should it use? Tell us down below. 🙂

  • Muerte

    I have one useless 2520 as the charger broke up and can’t find a replacing one – if someone knows ei proper web shope that sells chargers for 2520, please feel free to tip me 🙂

  • Stinger

    If they want to do a tablet, it should run Windows 10 (even though I hate Microsoft coming within a million miles of Nokia)

  • Michael

    Don’t know why HMD would want to chase a year over year declining customer base right now given all the other plates they have barely spinning.

    We have a phone for each of us and two computers (laptop and PC) and a tablet. The tablet is never used. Typing this on my laptop while watching TV and use our phones to consume content, play games everywhere else (gf doing that right now on her Nokia 9 🙂 ). Everyone is different, but we certainly represent part of that declining customer base.

  • Daniel Burnette

    I’ve been waiting for a Windows 10 upgrade for my 2520 for awhile. Hmm probably not now.

    • Internet

      The 2520 doesn’t run fill windows so GoodLife waiting for an update :/