HMD updated its Nokia Mobile Support with Multi-Window option

HMD has updated the Nokia mobile support app, the app where users of the new Nokia phones can get the info about their phone, solve eventual problems they experienced, nearest help center and chat with HMD personnel. The latest version is 1.0.11 and is around 10 MB. It brings the enhancement to Support Locator functionality and Multi Windows support. Now you should be able to locate the nearest service much batter and do it on just one part of the screen and use the other one to read more about Nokia at Nokiamob.

Go to the Google Play and update the app if you didn’t do that before

  • Michael Multi window seems to be a novelty at this point especially with few apps that are supporting the function. On the Nokia 8 I would say the function needs a lot of work. When you long press the “square” button to activate multi screen, the second screen just shows all recently launched apps. I suppose that is a limitation with stock android. Although a quick press of the home button takes you to home screen where if you select a multi screen capable app you will go back to multi screen capabity with both apps.

    Huawei’s implementation is much more refined. I attached a screenshot. When the multi screen gets activated, the second panels only shows apps that are dual screen capable. As I was playing around, I noticed that the LINE app shows as dual screen capable on my Huawei but NOT on our Nokia 8. Both running same version of LINE.

    I like technology that provides a convenience or benefit. Just not seeing it yet.

    Pretty obvious that going with stock android is a two edged sword, but the benefits outweigh the limitations. Hopefully stock android O will bring functional improvements with the dual screen capability.

    • Even if staying with stock android
      I’d like HMD adding support to size the window by personal liking and not just 1:1 or nothing

      • Michael

        Strange that it does not work since the bar in the middle alows you to drag the screen to a different size. It just doesn’t stay that way.

        I just dont see the feature as useful. How do you use it and how is the screen resize limiting you?

        • Just realized that you can’t set the custom size of the app window… This can be done with mine G3 :). But it has android tweaked by LG so that means many additional apps and UI changes that slow the device over the time

          • Michael

            Yup, that is the two-edged sword. It’s great that Android can be customized, but that comes at a price that a few companies, like Nokia and Lenovo are realizing they don’t want to pay. They would rather have a product that gets prompt security and feature updates that is supportable over a longer term.

            As more companies do that, I think it’s going to put pressure on Google to get Android more polished ‘out of the box’ which is a good thing.

            So, do you find this split screen feature useful at all? I could see, *maybe* on a tablet or phablet, but not on a phone. On my larger Huawei P9 Plus, I don’t get any useful screen real-estate and can’t imagine constantly resizing screens to be anything but annoying. I especially find that when entering in text that the keyboard taking up the whole screen (out of necessity) is annoying.

          • Actually, i rarely use it since not all apps support this feature and for small screens is not necessary.

            he he, thx for following us 🙂