#Nokia posted 3 new videos to celebrate the 8’s availability in Poland, South Africa and the UAE

Photo credit: Suomimobiili.fi

For Nokia fans, this month marks the global release period of the newly announced Nokia 8. We already saw that HMD started selling the device in some markets by the end of August, with the availability expanding in the first weeks of September. Apart from fast release, HMD surprised us with competitive pricing of the 8 on most markets. The price of a little less than €600 is pretty good in Europe, but in places like the UAE, Malaysia or Hong Kong the 8 retails in the €400-500 price group, depending on the market.

To celebrate the launch of the device on new markets, HMD Globala posted 3 new videos on Nokia Mobile official YouTube channel. The first two are TV ads for the South African market and Polish market. The 8 will be available next month via Vodacom operator for a full price of 9,499 rands, or €610. Of course, the operator will offer the device on a much cheaper rate if you sign a contract with them. In Poland, the Nokia 8 can be purchased directly from Nokia for 2,599PLN or about €610 or via retailers. The device should be available there starting today.




Nokia Mobile additionally posted a video from the 8’s UAE/Middle East launch event. The event was so creatively organized and it really looks like the press had a great time trying out the new Nokia 8. Check it down below.


The three biggest smartphone markets, China, India and the United States are still waiting for more details about Nokia 8’s availability and pricing. In my personal opinion, HMD made a good strategic decision focusing on Europe first with the Nokia 8, because, not only is the EU+Russia an 800+ million market (in population) with a high percent of flagships in the overall smartphone sale, but it’s also a market loyal to Nokia, the same way India, China and many other markets are. The big difference is that Chinese competitors like Xiaomi, Oppo and others have a hard time in Europe, because of bad after sales services, higher prices and potential patent violation lawsuits.

All in all, we hope the competitive priced Nokia 8 will soon expand to more markets, hopefully including China, India and the US by the end of the year.

via: NokiaTips.com (Nokia 8 in South Africa)

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  • Not by the end of the year but rather in October.

    I don’t know if it’ll make sense to launch this device in December as by that time people start looking for the next gen processor.

    • If the story that Snapdragon 836 is delayed till next year is true, then the Nokia 8 will have the best possible processor this year. So it won’t be a bad choice in 2 months, and price will be lower, too

      • Stinger

        If the Nokia 8’s price drops a bit in the next few months, I think it will be one of the best flagship deals around. It’s price in the UAE is incredible!!!

        • If it drops it’ll be dropping in the markets where the device is available since August or the day we are talking right now

          Newer market = Around Launch Time Cost(€599) [With obvious exceptions like we’ve seen in some markets]

          Though anything can change
          Also, in markets like india like others have mentioned that UAE & India is getting similar pricing
          It’ll be interesting to know when and for what price the device drops in.

      • What I meant is
        People start looking/waiting for the next gen Flagships at around December/January
        Which might hurt sales

        And I don’t think price will be lower if it’ll be announced for the first time in a new market

  • Stinger

    I think HMD has learnt alot from their previous phone launches. I’m looking forward to great things next year.