#Nokia 8 most searched product at Europe’s “Geizhals.eu” comparison site

HMD’s first flagship Nokia 8 was the top searched product on one of the biggest sites for finding and comparing products across different stores in Europe, formerly known as Compare.eu, now “Geizhals.eu”. In the category “Mobile phones without contract” Nokia 8 also took the first place as the most popular product, ahead of Samsung’s Galaxy S7, S8 and newly announced Note 8. The lowest price for the Nokia 8 that “Geizhals.eu” shows is €518.

If you are not familiar with Nokia 8, it’s the first Nokia flagship made by HMD Global that runs Android OS. The 8 was announced less than a month ago and is already available for purchase in different markets around the world. The device features a 5.3-inch 2K display, Snapdragon 835, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, 3090mAh battery and a dual-lens ZEISS camera on the back. THe suggested price is €600, but in most markets the phone retails for (a lot) less.

You can check the site by clicking here.

  • Stinger

    Great news! I’m glad the 8 is getting so much attention.

    Side Note: On GSMArena’s site It’s not listed in their “Top 10 By Fans” list, but when you check the 8’s Specs page, it’s fan score puts it firmly in the top 10. Weird.

    • Hemedans

      Nokia 6 has more than 1400 votes but they didn’t list it. Probably their script don’t work anymore.