Video: Nokia’s future of television is “AnyVision”

Nokia has always been a company with vision of how the technology will transform, and was never hiding it. You could have seen many technology concepts that Nokia happily revealed to the world. Some of those are Nokia’s vision of flexible phones, usage of nanotechnology in the smartphone industry or its vision about how the VR would look like long before the OZO.

Now, Nokia published a video that represents its vision of how the Television will evolve. The video that lasts only 23 seconds gave many ideas that we already have seen in previous Nokia videos but also gave many ideas on how could the way we receive visual information change. I especially love that bezelless phone that can be stuck on the huge transparent TV/mirror and share the video or some other content of the screen. That autonomous car is something also.

Check out the concept video below.

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    I honestly think this will happen within ten years or so. (As long as we don’t go to war and no nuclear ” accidents ” happen).

    At the rate technology is moving forward, this will be incorporated into smart glass (windows, windshields, sliding glass doors, etc)…

    I think it was some guy that was part of the original movie – total recall (with Arnold Schwarzenegger) – said that in the future, it will be a reality but we don’t have the technology and the know how to do it a this time.

    The whole wall was a TV, the entire floor to ceiling glass would dim to block sun, or turn yellow to give the impression of sunlight, etc.

    Kinda cool stuff…

  • Muerte

    Reminds me of the good old Nokia Morph -concepts, from years back 🙂 I think Nokia’s graphene research will play a key role in this kind of technology…

  • “AnyVision”

    “Infinity Display”
    “Full Vision”

    Maybe they can use it for their “bezel-less” phone
    Though “AnyVision” covers way more than the phone display as shown in the concept video.

    Maybe something else or no naming at all will happen for the *if exists* Nokia 9 or the “bezel-less” phone.

    • Nokia will shape the TV definitely, and I’m hoping for that. I’d love to see innovative tech from Nokia in everyday life. But before all of that I would love to test the Nokia 8 🙂