#Nokia 8 available in #Australia; Coming to Hong Kong for €440 starting September 14

HMD’s recently announced Nokia flagship, the Nokia 8, is officially available for purchase in Australia for 899AUD ($717, €600). The device is at the moment available only in “Steel” option and via retailer Harvey Norman.

In Hong Kong, HMD Global locally announced the Nokia 8, that is coming to stores there on 14th September for an amazing price of €440 or 4088 HKD.


HMD was quick this time in bringing their latest phone to market, that was announced 3 weeks ago and is already available in Western Europe, Russia, Nordics, Australia, and soon in the Middle East, Hong Kong, and hopefully India, China, US and rest of the world all included :).

Learn more about the Nokia 8 here. What the media says about the 8 can be found here.


Photo: Twitter

  • If the Nokia 8 launches just below 30k in India then it would be a killer deal. By less than 30k I mean, around 29-29990 rupees. This creates a psychological impact and many will change their decisions of buying other flagship phones. My friend was about to buy OP5 but he is now waiting for Nokia 8 😀

    • That’s less than 400 euros. What’s the competition at 35K? I think the price will be around that number, considering other markets.

      • The price in Saudi Arabia is around 30k. OP5 is available for 33k (6gb+64gb) and 38k for (8gb+128gb) 😀

      • 30K : Honor 8 Pro
        33K. : (6GB) OP5
        38K. : (8GB) OP5
        40K : LGG6

    • Deep Shekhar

      You’re absolutely right. When people can get Nokia ZEISS powered device at Rs.29999 then no one won’t even think of other phone. OP5 and Huawei Honor 8 Pro are bestsellers at that price range in India because of the obsession people in India have to have bleeding specs and spending the least possible.

      But, It will be interesting to see if Nokia really keeps this price of Rs.29999 or goes with higher price than OnePlus 5(to create a sense of Brand Superiority over OnePlus as often people tend to equate price with quality and Brand Value).

      Fingers Crossed!

      • Nokia already has the Brand superiority.
        If 8 gets launched for lesser price than the OP5
        It’ll be beating OnePlus in their own game.
        Promoting it correctly would do the job & by promoting I don’t mean boast only about bothie

        • Deep Shekhar

          Yeah!! Exactly!
          I don’t know they’re just advertising Bothie as the USP of Nokia8 rather than a powerhouse at an affordable price!

          • Maybe one of the problems for that is the price of the phone itself
            It’s different in each market

            But still

            Regular updates
            OZO Audio
            Zeiss Camera
            The Graphite plate and copper pipe

            All these are much better to promote than

            Bye to Selfie, Hello to Bothie.