Nokia 6 sold out again at flash sales

The Nokia 6 had another terrific flash sale at the Indian Amazon. The whole batch disappeared in a matter of minutes, and the phone is now on the top of the best selling list. This kind of news reminds me when the Chinese version of the Nokia 6 started selling via almost 9 months ago and was sold out in seconds every time it appeared. It is somewhat astonishing to hear that the global version is achieving this kind of results when it came late to the market. Actually, Nokia 6 is still rare in many markets around the world, and different colour variants are still not available to buy. I don’t know what are HMD’s plans for the second generation of the 6, but it seems that those two could overlap if this tempo of bringing the Nokia 6 to the market continues. Now that the Nokia 8 is spreading, maybe Nokia 6 will start coming out of the factories in tempered blue, copper and in arte Black colors.

I must say I’m still interested in the Nokia 6, but maybe HMD could do the revision of the hardware and insert a bit more powerful processor to satisfy the needs of many and beat the competition. Of course, the price should remain as it is now.

For those interested in buying the Nokia 6 in India, but didn’t manage to do it in the 1st and 2nd flash sale, the next flash sale will take place on 6th September and you can register for it here.


  • Not just a better processor but also a much better camera and support for OZO Audio with 2mics if not 3. 😊
    This is too much but Nokia really needs to bring something unique to low end.
    These Flash Sales just create artificial hype which is not good Imo. Even moto g5s plus was available from next day after it launched in India. The phone is no.1 bestseller on and the device is available for every one unlike Nokia 6 which goes on sale just once in a week and gets sold out in 2 seconds.
    Flash Sales should end.

    • Muerte

      We could call that Nokia 7?

      • Yes but no. Nokia 7 can come with SD660 and a Zeiss Lens. I would love to see 20MP Camera on Nokia 7 (I know this is too much 😜)
        Also they can add support for glance screen and Bothie from Nokia 7 onwards. If 6 has 16MP than 7 can have a 20 MP 😁.

        • Each phone from now onwards should carry Zeiss lens in my opinion

          • That is not good from business point of view imo

          • Except for 5xx Lumia
            I guess most of them did carried Zeiss lens

          • 6xx series didn’t have it too. 😊
            Zeiss lenses were in phones above 72x series.
            But my Lumia 1320 doesn’t have it 😜
            Later on under microsoft 640XL had Zeiss lens.

          • So at the end.. 6xx did carry Zeiss Optics & that was my point.

          • That was Microsoft phone and not a Nokia 🙂 😛

          • Agree, but it would’ve been the same even if Nokia was doing the things, I think so.

            Also, it’s not about past.

            Does HMD/Nokia wanna be better & more innovative than others in every department or playing the safe game forever?

          • I think 640/640XL were designed by Microsoft. 😊

          • No, no. They are the natural evolution from 620, and 630, but just with a Microsoft sticker. On the other hand, Microsoft cancelled Nokia McLaren and Goldfingeru, and created a Lumia 6 series like device with top specifications as the next flagship, we know as Lumia 950. That’s all designed by Nokia guys, but the 950 in its current form was never intended to be a flagship, but rather a successor to 640.

          • Thanks for sharing. 🙂 I didn’t knew this. But the evolution looked horrible imo. For eg, 520/525 great phones with good design. Their successor 530 had boring design and also less specs compared to 525. 620/625 had a little bit similarities but 630/635 were completely different. The successors they launched can not be called successors because all 6xx devices till 635 had 512MB RAM and from 630 the camera button was removed, capacitive keys were removed and also the clear black display was not the same as 620/625. That was modified by microsoft ( i read about it on windowscentral few years ago). There was a lot of cost cutting. 😛

          • A lot of strange decisions were made with the lumia line

          • You didn’t read my point correctly.
            I said EVEN IF Nokia was doing the things, it would’ve been same to those where Microsoft decided to introduce Zeiss in 6xx

          • They surely were..

            My point

            Strategically IF NOKIA WAS all INCHARGE I believe 6xx series would’ve get the Zeiss Optics too just like it does under Microsoft

            Also, to dominate the market I believe
            HMD needs to play on their strengths (Software Updates, Build Quality, etc) + try to beat competitors on their strength game

    • Stinger

      I’m really interested to see what Nokia does next year when it comes to updating 3, 5 and 6. Will they swap in some new upgraded hardware and name them 3.1, 5.1, and 6.1? Or do a total overhaul and use completely new names. Even though the 6 runs very smoothly right now, they should really install a faster chip. PLUS, in my eyes there is a huge gap between the 6 and the 8. Pricewise as well as specs.

      • I think they should wait for summer 2018 for a refresh. MWC is too early for a Nokia 6.1 😀 hehe I think they will call it the same, but with the year behind – Nokia 6 (2018) and so on.

        • Stinger

          Aaahh, yes. Good point!

          I suppose the trio can still generate good sales up until 2018. Since with all the delays, they wouldn’t have been on the market for so long.

    • I think it’s not possible to capture spatial sound with 2 mics. I guess that the 8 captures sound in 3 directions (x, y, z) just like on the first picture. The OZO is more advanced as it has 8 mics and captures also 3D but covering octants (two last pictures). 2 mics wouldn’t be enough, by my understanding of physics, because a mic points at one direction.