#Nokia 5 – Short camera test


Nokia 5 is a midrange priced smartphone that targets (Young) people which are not so tech savvy, but need a great looking and capable phone. Well, for sure Nokia 5 is great looking, and it is capable but the camera could be better. If you are like me and don’t want to carry your camera on the vacation, but capture memories with mobile phones, maybe Nokia 5 isn’t for you. Well, it can take great shots in daylight and well light spaces, but low light and night shots are a bit hard on the camera. HMD has installed a 13 MP sensor with aperture of f/2.0, which is quite well for €189 phone. I found that camera has problems with focusing, actually after it focuses, I noticed that the details are not sharp. With 13 MP sensor inside, photos should be, or could be a bit sharper. Problem with focusing gets bigger during night or low light shots, but I would try to refocus two times after the automatic one, and would get better shots. Another thing bothering me is that the focus sign doesn’t change colour (green for good or red/unchanged for bad) so you don’t know if the shot is focused or not. Also, I got to say that night shots are often underexposed and thus turn darker.

Check some photos and for the full resolution go to the Nokiamob Flickr profile!

Daylight shots gallery *Resolution of the shots has been reduced to save server space*



But, as I said, with enough light and steady hands, 13MP main camera can give you impressive results. Considering the price, I think that shots made by Nokia 5 are generally OK. You will need a steady hand, but with software updates, I believe this camera can be even better.


Macro shots

Macro shots are great, but forget those astounding close-ups since the focusing distance is not close as in more expensive phones, but is enough to take great shots of flowers and other objects. I compared the shots of Nokia 5 camera with the shots of Lumia 830 and LG G3 and you can see the difference between ZEISS lenses and unnamed ones. Check out the comparison between those 3 phones.



Night shots

Night shots are not so fine. Actually, you need a lot of focusing and steady hands to get nice photo. Photos turn often grainy, underexposed and LED gives white blueish tone to the objects. Again, this can be improved a bit with software updates. Maybe, HMD should consider and raise the exposition in the settings while taking night or low light shots. You can raise the exposition in manual mode but then sensor shows a lot of noise.



Videos were shot quickly, like most of us do. I took the device out of my pocket and started shooting. I experienced some focusing problem with shooting videos. Nokia 5 camera focuses great on close shots, but it has trouble focusing on the long distance. Anyway, in well-lit rooms videos are going to be ok, but take care to have a steady hand which I unfortunately don’t have. Also, by enabling manual mode you can raise the exposition while shooting video.



Front facing shots

Front facing camera is 8MP in size and can give great shots and videos in daylight and well-lit rooms. Nigh shots can be a bit grainy but there is display flash that can help a bit, and sometimes make your face burnt. Be careful to focus the object you are shooting before you take the shot. Anyway, it is nice to have 8MP FFC for decent selfies in this price range.


At the end, I just want to say that Nokia 5 has a great camera for its price point, that can be improved with some slight adjustments to enable users to get instant sharp and focused shots. If HMD does that, Nokia 5 could be the best camera phone for its price range.

Tell us what do you think about the photo and video quality?


  • Can we set the ISO manually like we did on Lumia phones?

    • No, you can’t set the ISO value manually.

      There is a place for improvement. Hope they will update the camera software.

      • Yeah! Pro Camera might be announced at IFA 😀
        Maybe they will just update the current camera app in play store 🙂

        • It’ll be such a disappointment if all we get in IFA is…
          Hey , we bright our devices to display.
          Camera app getting upgrade on this event will be sweet timing.

          • No! They will definitely bring something new at IFA. There is no sense in just showing already announced phones at IFA.
            They will announce at least these things:
            -Android 7.1.1 Update for Nokia 3
            -Android Oreo Update Timeline for current devices. (IMO Nokia smartphones should start receiving android oreo update from October)
            -Nokia 2
            -Lumia Camera (Pro Camera)
            -I also want to see a Nokia 7 😀 I can’t buy Nokia 6.

          • 7.1.1 on Nokia 3…. August 30 is up and nothing yet, hope they can deliver by 31st of August, As per the promise.
            (They’re playing on this fastest update thing – so they need to deliver too)

            Oreo Update timeline announcement would be great.

            Nokia 2.. aah.. me wishing the same again and again.. Nokia 5 should’ve the lowest model running on Android.

            Pro Mode(Full Fledged proper Mode & UI) – YES, they should do it ASAP.

            7 No strong rumors yet, don’t think we’ll see it but I too really hope there is 7 & 7+ (SD 630 & 660, by no chance they should use 625, 626, 650,652,653)

            9 You said it yourself that it’s most likely not gonna happen & I think the same + I’m doubtful there is a 9(at least in 2017)

            & If 9 exists bring it in October (SD836) straight up going against Pixel & Mate

          • A7.1.1 for Nokia 3 will be out this week, Juho confirmed on the Nordics Nokia 8 event.

          • Nokia 8 is launched in UAE and Saudi Arabia for just 29k INR. So, now I don’t think there is any Nokia 7+ haha. They can launch Nokia 7 and 7+ with minor difference being design and RAM and that too will be difficult to price between Nokia 6 Arte Black and Nokia 8 atleast in UAE and Saudi Arabia.😊

          • 15,000 Gap is still quite big(We still don’t know if it’ll be same in India but great news anyway)

            Also, alot of people look for these Midrange phone

            Nokia 6 is entry level device
            Nokia 8 is the Flagship

            Rather than launching phones like 3 & 2(Even 5 for me) we should get proper Midranger

            7 & 7+ should have difference in processor rather than RAM & Storage
            Don’t mind similar design for the duo.

            Arte Black shouldn’t have been priced that high.

          • I don’t think anything is wrong in launching Nokia 3 and 5. They just had to price them correctly.
            BTW Nokia 6 is similarly priced in UAE and India. 😊
            I hope Nokia 8 will be priced almost same 😜

          • My point on 2,3 & 5 is when people are extremely budget conscious I feel like people prioritize Specs Game much more than Software updates.

            Redmi series phones have the spec game of N6 for half the price.

            With obvious differences in build quality and brand name. I feel people tend to be Specs > Brand

          • At low end its just a spec race. Most people who buy a budget device will try to get the most out of their phone. 😊

          • And at that place 2,3 & 5 just doesnt cut it.

            I wish all the future phones have the similar setup of simcard and sdcard like 5.. and dropping the hybrid system.

          • In Europe, most people look more at how it looks and what’s the price, because most phones are sold via operators. But the specs game is strong in India, and I don’t think that’s a good thing. Lumia phones were really refreshing without the specs race.

          • It wasn’t Android either..
            Still have Lumia 625(512MB/SD400) & 535(1GB/SD200)

            Always ran great on WP 8.0/8.1

            Even though I’ve updated it to “Not supported” Windows 10 Mobile Version
            Lumia 625 struggles but 535 runs fine

          • Yeah, true that. I understand that Android needs more powerful hardware, but judging which phone is better by the clock speed of the SoC goes kindda above reasonable comparison. I just want to say that a lot of people are being extremist when phone specs come in mind.

            My mother and sister use the 535 and it goes. They do have occasional problems, but it works. One is WP8.1, one W10M.

          • That’s how market is working now..

            Marketing done like the way that

            “Oh ! Xiaomi isn’t what we’re competing with.”

            Great, fine you’re playing on different cards & hopefully your strengths

            But my question is.. does that remove the competition?
            It’s still a player in the market. There is no way 1 brand can escape by the other.

    • Scrumptious Centaur

      The phone supports full manual controls, you just need to download a different camera app from the Play Store, as the stock app doesn’t support in-depth manual controls. An app like Open Camera gives you full control over ISO and shutter speed, as well as a ton of other options.

      • Yep, but I’m here talking about the out of the box experience. It is true that you can access all the settings through some camera apps

        • Can you try them out whenever you get some time 🙂

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    • Like the one that will never ever get his comic book 🙂

      • You have a website!! Y do you need a comic book 😀 😛

        • Superheroes don’t have websites 🙂 Except maybe Kick-ass

          • You are a modern super hero 😀 So they have websites too 😛

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