Nokia 8 scored well at GSMArena review

The Nokia 8 for sure has raised the interest of tech journalists and bloggers for the Nokia brand. First reviews of the device are coming in and fans, together with HMD, are eagerly waiting to see what reviewers think about the device. While YouTuber Btekt said that the Nokia 8’s software is too buggy for a honest review, GSMArena did its extensive test of the 8 and wrote a review with a happy ending for HMD Global. To them, the Nokia 8 is far from the ultimate top model, and I agree since it is incomplete in many aspects, but it deserves to mingle with the best smartphones of today. Even though Nokia 8 doesn’t have bezelles design everybody likes now (or pretends to like), AMOLED display that can bring you vivid colours, stereo speakers, full waterproofness or body made of much stronger Aluminum 7000, it has many things that make her special. Her 2K LCD screen is super sharp and it has brightness over 700 nits which is great for outdoor usage. Then, it has 3 13MP cameras with ZEISS optics, OIS on one of the back cameras, battery that can hold over one day of usage and powerful hardware, passively cooled. We can’t forget that Nokia 8 brought back the Glance screen and double tap to unlock, too. Also, that mono speaker can deliver more sound than the competition, while OZO Audio is described as unmatched on the marke.

So, Nokia 8 could attract Lumia and old Nokia fans with Glance and Double tap features, but is missing wireless charging and FM Radio. While wireless charging I really miss since I’ve been charging numerous models using it, FM radio I don’t miss since in last 4 years I listened the radio over mobile phone maybe 2 times. One thing I would love to see on Nokia 8 is Dolby enhancements since GSMArena noticed that headphones output is a bit quiet(er).

You can read the whole review here. Check the unboxing and hands on video down below.

What do you think about Nokia 8 and GSMArena’s review? Tell us down below. 🙂