Jolla finally launched its Sailfish X for the Sony Xperia X smartphone

Let us show some love for Jolla, a company that arose from the MeeGo OS team. If you thought that Jolla is doing nothing, you were partially wrong. It has been a long time since Jolla presented any new hardware, but their Sailfish OS is spreading to the BRICS countries. Several manufacturers have accepted Sailfish as OS of choice for their smartphones (Intex, Fairphone, TRI) but the relationship didn’t last long. Now Jolla signed a deal with Sony to bring Sailfish X, or Sailfish OS for the Sony Xperia X devices. Jolla has finally finished this project and Sailfish X is ready for you to buy it and install it on Sony Xperia X device.

Actually, some of the sensors are still not working, but that is just for the first release. Knowing Jolla, they will make it work with the next update. For downloading it you’ll need to spend €49.90 and have Linux based PC to install it. Jolla has made it difficult for PC dummies to take the chance and use Sailfish OS, but they made very good instructions on how to install the OS on the phone. But, you need to know that this can be done only on the Sony Xperia X device, so you have to own it or buy it from these stores:

Check out the demo of the Sailfish X on the Sony Xperia X phone.

If you are a Jolla fan and now with Linux, maybe this could be something for you. Anyway, I think that Jolla should make the installation process even simpler and offer its Sailfish OS to more models. Maybe that way Sailfish will spread a bit more.



  • Maybe making an Android launcher (like Microsoft does and Nokia did) would help push Sailfish a little more mainstream, but seems to me their main goal is making an OS got the public sector, especially in countries where using an American OS is threatening to national security.

    • Stinger

      I’d love to see Sailfish on Nokia’s new devices. I can’t express how much I loved MeeGo

    • Michael

      I’d be wary of any popular mainstream OS in any country. But that isn’t the only thing to worry about. Monitoring going on at many levels by all governments. The smart bad guys know that, the innocent and naive don’t care. The scared and paranoid blame the US.

      But yup, for the majority of the world’s PC dummies (Which also include Android dummies and Apple dummies), using a true Linux installation can present a challenge. (Linux paid my bills and looks like it will start paying my bills again). I like it and would use it, but the reality is, I couldn’t use 100% of the time. Getting closer though.

      Good luck to the Jolla/Sailfish team

      • My intention was not to state that only the US monitors its citizens (of course, all nations do), but to state that it’s a matter of national security for a Russian public servant (like governor or ranking army official) to use an American OS, no matter how much modified the OS is. 🙂 That’s why Jolla has joint ventures in China and Russia to make sure that only Chinese and Russian government can monitor devices used by their public sector employees. Just like Microsoft has a special Windows version in China

    • Launcher is a great idea. I think there was one for android.