#Nokia 8 user guide shows interesting camera features

We usually don’t give much attention to the paperwork coming with our phones, and frankly, why should we? If we need help or want to know something we search online, and most manufacturers have the actual user guides online. As a consumer friendly company, HMD also posts all user guides of Nokia-branded devices on the official support page, and the same is with the newly announced Nokia 8.

To be 100% correct, you cannot find Nokia 8’s user guide via the official support page just yet, but the page is live and can be accessed directly by clicking here.

Apart from some pretty basic stuff like how to touch the phone, there are some interesting tips in the official user guide. For example, it shows the locations of microphones so you don’t cover one when recording. It describes the OZO Audio that has 3 options: Front – (audio focus in front of the camera) for recording an interview, for example; Rear – (audio focus on the user) for recording yourself talking, and “Surround” that records everything around you.

The “Live Bokeh” mode is also described, that allows the user to create Bokeh photos. There is also an editor of bokeh photos that allows the user to set up the intensity of bokeh effect.

For those not familiar, Nokia 8 features three 13MP ZEISS cameras: one monochrome and one RGB on the back, and one RGB on the front. It utilizes the Snapdragon 835 coupled with 4GB RAM, and features a 5.3-inch 2K display, 3090mAh battery, and 64GB of internal storage. Other “special” features of the 8 include OZO Audio, copper pipe and graphite shield for heat dispersion and a fingerprint sensor.

Other information about the phone can be found in the official user guide here. Learn more about Nokia 8 here. The device will be available early September for €599 globally.

  • It’s interesting to see that the date on the official render on the photo above is 20th June, which means that HMD planed to announce Nokia 8 two months ago.

  • Kimo Timonen

    Honestly I hate the lack of the shutter button for the camera.. I always thought that was very useful , moreover one could keep the phone in a much more confortable position in hands for shooting

    • Well, I can tell you from my experience that camera button makes shooting harder since every time you shake the phone a bit. It is much easier over the screen.

      • Kimo Timonen

        That was only my opinion of course, I’m talking for myself but if i think to my last main phones I had (without go back in the past too much) such as N95, N95 8B, N8, Lumia 820, Lumia 830 I can tell 100% sure that it always been amazing to take pics with the camera button. I never had any kind of problems.
        the problems I have are on my secondary phones, such as Jolla for example.. or on my company phone P9 Lite.. I really hate shooting tapping the screen in order to chose focus point and to take the pic.
        Using a two step shutter button (the same as in any kind of “real” camer ain the world) makes the experience much closer to a normal camera, especially for someone like me who uses advanced or so called pro settings 90% of the time. imho of course.