Nokia 8 could really get the Camera Pro mode?!

When Nokia 8 arrived, we all thought that it will bring the Nokia Camera more, or user interface, which could make that camera centric phone more “professionally” usable. But, Nokia 8 came with pretty much similar UI and set of controls seen before on the Nokia 6 but enriched by few more options. We know that HMD got the rights to use the Nokia Camera UI from Microsoft, and we all remember how easy was to control the pro options of the camera with that UI.

Now Vtech asked Juho Sarvikas, the CPO of the HMD Global, to bring the Pro Camera mode back to the Nokia 8, since that option should be mush have for camera centric flagship as Nokia 8 is. Juho simply answered that they care for fans feedback, and that he will look into it. Well, that doesn’t give any hope we will actually see the Nokia Camera UI soon, but reveals that HMD is working on something like that.

Maybe they are preparing that the Camera Pro UI for the supposed Nokia 9, but if that is true, then we won’t see that before the MWC2018 in Barcelona when the Nokia 9 could be unveiled. If it happens before, and I think it should, then that is going to be a cool and smart move for HMD.

Maybe the Camera Pro interface could look like in the photo below, a combination between the old Nokia and new Nokia Camera app?

  • SIMO

    Really hope to see the Nokia 9 in time for the 2017 holiday season. If it’s going to wait until MWC 2018, then maybe Nokia is using Samsung’s model of releasing one flagship in March, and the other in September.

  • They will introduce the pro camera mode at IFA imo 🙂 I wish they do 🙂

  • Michael

    Looking in to it? haha. Nokia was respected for the camera and interface in their Lumia devices. Today, most phones come with a “pro” mode. You’d think these guys were completely new to the mobile phone space.

    HMD better have it’s act completely together with the Nokia 9. That, (I’m assuming/hoping) will be a phone that capable camera users will be wanting to have with them in place of a quality P&S.

    • Muerte

      Well, to be fair, I think this is more of a teaser from Juho. Sunglasses -emoji and all. I’m quite sure that they have been working on this for a while already and will be released as soon as ready/possible. Maybe they optimized it directly for Android Oreo.

      • Michael

        I think/hope you are right. Still, after coming out of the blocks strong, they have been stumbling pretty bad. A little less cryptic (if they really are close to release) would be a better way to keep the hype train going.

        • Muerte

          I agree. The start of this journey has been anything but smooth.

  • I was thinking that now more or less Android 8.0 is going to be official on 21st of August,
    How about if HMD manages to deliver 8.0 on the day of phone getting into the hands of first customer waiting there already to download + A completely new Camera App.

    As I think it’ll be great way and streamline announcement that with the Android 8.0 hitting your devices, you’ll be getting a revamped Camera UI too.