Giveaway: Win a Nokia 8 from @nokiamobile @tldtoday @lora_krystal (24h)

Jonathan Morrison and Krystal Key visited London and got familiar with the latest product from Nokia Mobile, the Nokia 8. Jonathan and Krystal did an unboxing and quick overview of the features of the Nokia 8, and in partnership with Nokia Mobile, that payed their trip to London, organized a giveaway of the Polished Copper and Polished Blue variant of the Nokia 8.

All you must do is to leave a comment below Krystal’s and/or Jonathan’s video on YouTube, but you must be 18+ years old. Terms and conditions of the giveaway can be read here. The giveaway lasts 24h.

The promotion starts at 19:30 BST on 20/08/17. All entries must be received by 19:30 BST on 21/08/2017



I think Nokia Mobile is doing a great job in “before-sales” promotion of the Nokia 8 by doing it via popular YouTubers with big reach, and the targeted generation for the “bothie” feature is most certainly the one taking advices from popular YouTubers. Giveaways always attract a lot of people, thus making it a great promotion by itself.

Once the 8 is available, HMD needs strong in-store marketing, especially in Europe where flagship phones are mostly sold via operators, and followed by a strong social media and legacy media campaigns, maybe most effectively before Christams and coupled with Steel (HR) watch. 🙂

What do you think about this kind of promotion and are you taking part in the giveaway? 🙂


  • Elmâgnîfïcô Epänîol

    wish to win😍😍😍

  • Stinger

    Thanks a ton for this tip. I’ve left comments on both videos. Marketing wise HMD seems to be doing a good job. If they really do add the HR Steel to every Nokia 8 purchase, that will be amazing!!! It would be nice to have the watch strap match the colour of the phone.

  • Michael

    Well, the number of views and comments on either video isn’t going to set any youtube records. Good for me, increases my chances of winning. Yup, entering even though I am very far removed from the “bothie” generation. I think the “bothie” term and capability is both unimaginative and unimpressive, but if that’s what brings new fans to the brand, I’m all for it.

    • Stinger

      That’s an AWESOME gesture man. Cheers!

  • Nenad Prepelec


  • Sergeja Apat

    Ooo, finally decent replacement for my good old Nokia Lumia 920! 😊

  • Mitra Baldeo (Mitch)

    Really looking forward to seeing what the camera can do.

  • Vasheck

    someone knows when they will announce the winner, or if they announced them?

  • Hamza Tauqeer

    HMD Global added a new smartphone in Nokia Smartphone series 🙂 Nokia 7