#Nokia Leather Flip Case for #Nokia 8 (CP-801) at Nokia.com

HMD Global introduced, alongside the Nokia 8, a leather Flip Case (CP-801) for the device. The Flip Case is 155x78x12mm in size and weights 56g.

Here are some of the specs for the Nokia Flip Case CP-801

  • Genuine leather with a textured finish
  • Superior microfiber lining
  • Protects your phone’s screen and corners
  • Convenient card holder
  • Available in black, blue and brown

The price and availability of the Flip Case are not announced, but we can guess that it will be available at the same time as Nokia 8, and that’s next month. You can check the Flip Case here. Another accessory HMD introduced with Nokia 8 are BH-501 earphones we saw before.

via: MyNokia.ir

  • Stinger

    Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s perfect.

    • Looks nice. It won’t be below 30€

      • Stinger

        Ugh. Just my luck. I was expecting it to be around US$20.

  • Michael

    These are very handsome and do a nice job of accentuating the bit of phone color that peeks out in various areas.

    With all the teeth-gnashing and hand-wringing about design, it’s kind of funny when most phones and their, uh, ground breaking designs, become hidden with various covers.