Juho Sarvikas talks about camera, only one configuration of #Nokia 8

Prior to the official announcement of the Nokia 8, we saw a lot of Geekbench entries of an “Unknown Heart” (Nokia) device with 4GB, 6GB and 8GB of RAM. When HMD announced the 8, they only introduced one configuration with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, that will be available in four colors: Polished Blue, Tempered Blue, Steel, Polished Copper; for a price of €599.

HMD’s Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvikas talked with IndianExpress about the Nokia 8, its camera, heat dissipation system, and why they opted for just one memory configuration of the device, at least for now.

Juho explains that having different configurations raises the possibility of complications when manufacturing, in other words, it’s much simpler to have one configuration that can be brought much faster on the market. He adds that HMD uses “Pure” Android, meaning that for normal usage 4GB RAM will be enough, but in some markets where Google Play Store is not allowed, and apps are possibly less optimized, versions with more RAM make sense.

HMD’s CPO said that when using both camera’s they both give a video in FullHD resolution and in hotter environment (“in India’s hottest summer days”) the full resolution stream can be done up to an hour before the resolution drops. In a little colder environments (typical day in Finland), the dual video can be recorded in full resolution until the phone has battery. That’s thanks to the heat dissipation system that consists of a copper pipe and graphite shield (pictured below). He described the system as “very advanced”.

Copper Pipe
Graphite shield

I think it’s a good think to simplify the manufacturing (and delivery) process by offering a single configuration, because we saw with the 3, 5 and 6 that it is not as easy as it seems to manufacture a device. I also value choice, and it would be nice to see more memory options in the near future, but HMD’s priority must be (and thankfully is) to bring the device as soon as possible to the market, and they are doing that.

Nokia 8 is expected to be available in early September, and the phone can already be pre-ordered in some markets. HMD even opened a Nokia store in Russia that sells the devices directly, and the store will go live in more market soon. You can learn more about Nokia 8 here.

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Soruce: Indian Express

Update: That HMD really plans to offer a 6GB/128GB variant confirms the official Nokia site where that option was listed, but later removed. Mobiili.fi captured a screenshot of it before removal.

  • I feel he shoudve talked a little about sensor and what Zeiss played in camera tech too,
    But maybe the question asked by journalist might be different.

  • Stinger

    I’m so glad HMD is focusing on making the Nokia 8 available as soon as possible in many markets. Special editions with higher specs can always be launched later.

    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      Very true!
      Get the phone in people’s​ hands asap!
      There is hype, there is interest, there is a massive amount of people that are eyeing this phone for streaming content using both front and rear cameras, and so on…
      I’m happy to hear that this phone should be available and in people’s hands within 2-4 weeks of it’s debut.

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    Let me know if they enable the feature that all Symbian powered phones had.
    Will these new Android phones enable us to take pictures of things if the battery is less than 5%? Or will it stop us?
    Will these new Android phones allow the flash to work wihile taking pictures if the battery is less than 5-10%? Or will it stop us?
    Will these new Android phones allow us to use the torch (flashlight feature) if the battery is less than 5-10%? Or will it stop us?

    I hope Nokia realizes this and writes thier own code for such a simple rudimentary basic operating system (called Android) !

    Symbian was truly ahead of it’s time!

    Perhaps we should remember Nokia publishing that article about 400% increase in viruses and compromising people’s​personal data from 2016 …

    Also, people should really read up on Sonic spy , the malware that was found that , like I have said countless times , it can and will and does record our voices using the microphones and cameras and sends stuff to some server! All happening in the background, without our knowledge!

    How about that thing they found in Blu phones that send all private info to China?

    This stuff is all built in to Android … In about 5-15 years, we’ll all know and understand how unsecure and vulnerable Android and brain dead apple operating systems really were.

    These American made operating systems have back doors that send info to the government! Symbian would never have had this! Not ever! I believe this is why they abruptly pulled the plug on this wonderful incredible operating system.

    Now all we have in the 99th percentile is just Android and Apple (two American made operating systems).

    Do people ever think that all those cute stupid childish Snapchat filters that alter your face, etc, aren’t sent to some place that can and does store your face for future facial recognition? Who allows cloud services? It needs government approval – hence they can grab it out of the sky and we’d never know.

    But let’s all keep our heads down into a 4-6 inch screen, walk brainlessly around the city playing Pokemon go or whatever else waste of time app they make for us.

    It’s things like this that make me value and appreciate Symbian as much as I do! Nokia would never allow this form of vile corruption and corporate greed to infiltrate their way of operating!


  • Channel Btekt
    Nokia 8 & Xperia XZ Premium

    Nokia 8 struggles bad in low-light indoor.

    • Muerte

      Do you have some good low-light samples from Nokia 8? I’ve only found some vague low-light images, so hard to judge yet…

      Waiting for some proper camera comparisons.

      • You can check Btekt on YouTube, he’s posting all N8 everyday.

    • Yep, we will cover it once more tests are out. He is doing OZO tomorrow.

      • It’s sad to see N8 being behind from other phones in camera department (low light)

        • True :/ But we know they are working on camera, and hopefully they will update the one on 8 to be the best in all conditions

          • Also, now I’m kinda thinking that if they actually went with midranger sensor.. maybe the results would’ve been alot better with top tier sensor