Who is bigger, Nokia 8 or “Bothie”?

HMD believes that “Bothie” could be Selfie is a menace of its own. It started a few years ago, actually even before, but the mobile phone industry was responsible for selfie to become alive as a term in the dictionary.

Nokia, or HMD Global knows that selfies are still in and it tried to take a turn on it and offered “Bothie”, or photo that will combine selfie and back camera photo. Nokia 8 is the first phone that is able to take good quality front and back photos since it has a 13 MP sensors on both sides of the phone. This feature could be popular with some vlogers, or instagramers that want to combine their own face and their point of view. HMD Global thinks that Bothie could be a thing and it seriously started promoting this feature of the Nokia 8. Actually, Nokia 8 is much more than a bothie phone, but this could make her even more special than having three 13 MP cameras, 2K screen, passive cooling and beautifully carved aluminum body.


HMD is showing bothie feature even in the official video from the event that is published on the twitter.

What do you think guys, is “bothie” going to be a thing? The placement of the FFC photo on the main camera photo has been a thing for years now, but HMD wants to give both photos equal meaning. This could be cool, and I’m glad to see that commercial with examples of how to make a bothie are being done. Nokia promoted its OZO camera in the same way and succeeded so it could HMD with Bothie Nokia 8. The only problem here is that in my mind “Bothie“ often twists into booty. Hope I’m not the only one 😊

Well, when we get a Nokia 8 for a test, we’ll give it a try.


  • Bothie, other than the livestreaming thing isn’t something groundbreaking.

    Btw, essential ph-1 videos are out too.. gotta say I kinda like that phone. One of the reason being the same approach like HMD to keep it stock android and no bloat.

    • Michael

      I agree. I do see some creative uses like the mother and father with child but I cant see it being anything all that common.

      Certain words just have the right sound. Bothie just wont work and wont take off IMO.

      • Also, reviewers are mentioning that this “bothie” thing can be done on other phones too with 3rd party Apps, just not the live streaming.

        • Cameras are heavy on processing and most phones heat up with single camera running for a while. With both cameras, the phones will most likely heat excessively. Nokia 8 managed that heat dispersion, hence it might just be better option than using a 3rd party app.

          • I don’t know but every time I see Nokia 8.. it just doesn’t feel like a Flagships worthy carrying “Nokia” brand.
            No, I’m not saying that Nokia 8 is bad phone.. It might beat others easily too but just when I look at it.. it doesn’t feel correct & trust me I’ve been reading a lot of places & fans of this phone is quite lesser than the ones that either
            Wished it was different looking.

            & No different looks doesn’t necessarily means bezel-less design but rather something idk how to say.. something more Nokia Flagship level thing.

            Also, what I feel like is… If Nokia is coming back, shouldn’t it be like doing things better in every term than the other brands? Or ending up just like 100 other android OEMs doing the same thing with different names.(trust me, I don’t want to see Nokia fail )
            I hope they get success with 8 & more coming later.

          • If the Heat Dispersion Pipe & Graphite Shield isn’t a gimmick & works great…
            Thumps up on that.

            Just saying this “Bothie” thing isn’t something you can sell your phone on. Again, I might be wrong.

          • You’re right about Bothie 🙂

      • So right! I don’t see Bothie having any future. Maybe the idea will be picked up, but not this name.

      • Bothie is a great marketing trick now that you can’t offer more than others in the flagship level. Actually, Nokia 8 could be differentiated with its design, small screen factor, passive cooling and ZEISS optics that obviously make difference.

        • Maybe that all ain’t something that sells or differentiates the product. While I feel that they should promote something else, I cannot think of a point which they can use to seriously differentiate.

          • Definitely agree that HMD should also promote some other aspects of the Nokia 8.

        • Michael

          Hey I will be really happy to be wrong on my assessment of “bothie”. 🙂 still do not think it will amount to much in the long run. If it really is a unique creative tool, HMD needs to capitalize early and show that uniqueness.

          I love the Nokia 8 though. Think it is possibly the best phones right now. Getting one as soon as one is available. Hopefully MANY feel the same

  • I don’t see Bothie having uses for most of the casual users. When people take selfies, they usually take it at a diagonal angle. From top or from bottom, rarely from a straight cam. So, the back camera might not have a good view of the foreground while the selfie is being clicked.

    Its not bad to have the feature, unfortunately, it can’t be a key selling point. HMD needs to recheck that it is promoting the right feature.

  • I think a bigger deal is that the front camera is capable of shooting 4K video. Nokia 8 is clearly a multimedia-centric phone, and it targets creators. Maybe that’s the reason they opted for bigger bezels so the phone is more comfortable to hold and probably bigger bezels give more options for better heat distribution.

    • This one clicks. Kinda like how OZO itself is aimed at creators. Wish they allowed more play with the camera with manual controls.

  • Check out Btekt on YouTube, he’s posting quite some camera samples

    The low light Photos (not talking video) are not as good as S8.

  • They should market Bothie but they should also focus more on other innovative features like OZO Audio. 13MP ZEISS Cameras at front and back, Heat Distribution and awesome build quality. These things will add more value to Nokia 8 marketing than Bothie imo.

  • johala02

    The camera sensors they using are according to some sites the same as on Nokia 6. And they added a extra one to. So the Nokia 8 will not produce good low light photos with those sensors.
    Battery could be bigger to. We see some Chinese phones with same size as Nokia 8 with 5000 mAh batteries etc..

    So for the specs in general the phone might be to expensive, no real waterproofing to. If it was priced close to OnePlus 5 it would be okay, But now they priced it more in the level of Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6 and similar devices. So I am worried they will have a hard time to sell it in big volumes.

    So in that sense I suppose its a good idea to promote the bothie function as something that are different than the other phones. But it will be real reviews shortly (and not some hands on videos with a limited time) that will bring up the camera performance.

    • But Nokia 8’s camera has bigger pixels (1.12um compared to 1um on 6), and features ZEISS made lens. It has some elements that can be find on other devices like ZEISS, OZO Audio, that two camera livestream feature.

      • johala02

        Anyway the pricing seems to be lower than expected for Nokia 8 in Germany and some other markets. So thats positive.