#Nokia 8 camera samples (@gsmarena)

Photo: Pocketlink

One of the biggest selling points of the newly announced Nokia 8 is definitely its camera. The new Nokia features a ZEISS-branded 13MP dual-camera system on the back and a front 13MP (ZEISS) camera as well. GSMArena was first to post the full resolution camera samples of Nokia 8’s camera online, and they look promising. Keep in mind that they were taken in London during a typical cloudy day. We downscaled the pictures to 1280×960 pixels and also did full resolution 100% crops you can see below every picture.

Outdoor (cloudy), 1280x960p
100% full resolution crop
Outdoor (less cloudy), 1280x960p
100% full resolution crop
Outdoor (cloudy), 1280x960p
100% full resolution crop
Outdoor (cloudy), 1280x960p
100% full resolution crop

For more photos in full resolution visit GSMArena.com.

It’s hard to see the full quality of a camera in such cloudy conditions, but to me personally it seems more than decent. Other media that were allowed to test the camera of the 8 didn’t have the time to make in-depth camera comparisons, but said the camera is on a flagship level, as expected. For more detailed camera review we have to wait a little longer. Hopefully, not too long, because early September is the expected release period.

“Bothie” picture (downscaled at 1280x720p)

One more thing, the bothie option. GSMArena tested that too, and it seems that the 8 has maybe the best front camera on smartphones. The picture above shows the bothie option and the quality of the front facing camera seems really good. GSMArena also posted a few video samples you can check down below (YouTube playlist).

You can learn more about Nokia 8 here, and check a collection of hands on videos here. Unboxing of Nokia 8 can be seen by clicking here.

What do you think about the camera samples above? Tell us in the comments down below. 🙂

  • https://www.phonearena.com/news/Nokia-8-cameras-explained-how-does-the-dual-camera-work-and-what-is-a-Bothie_id97092

    Nokia 8 have Sony Sensor IMX 258(though they are guessing only I think) and not Zeiss

    • Zeiss makes lenses, not sensors. Nokia 808 had a Toshiba sensor and Zeiss lens. 🙂 If it’s Sony, it’s great they opted for their sensors 🙂

      • Still , it’s a Midrange sensor

        I said Not Zeiss sensor cause I thought this time with the announcement that it’ll be in and out full Zeiss thing.

        • But we don’t know what’s the sensor. Also, I don’t know if Zeiss ever made sensors for mobile phones. But in the end, the picture quality is all (or most) that matters.

          • Agree, if it makes all the other flagships behind in the end picture, it’ll get a thumps up.

            Zeiss, yes never heard that they making sensor either but just when they announced the deal I felt like it will be this time. There’s Always a First time.. just like front cam having Zeiss lens.

          • Check out NokiaPowerUser, they seemed to have tipped for something having bigger display device in making

      • Deep Shekhar

        If I remember correctly, Nokia designed the sensor and manufactured with the help of partners as Nokia first approached Toshiba and Sony but didn’t get what they wanted. This was told by Damian Dinning in an interview that time.

        BTW, now I have a question, Does Nokia/HMD Global design and get manufactured their own sensors for their Products??

        P.S- If they had used Sony Sensor, they would’ve advertised about it like every other OEM does!( please correct if I’m wrong)

        • I think that with the sensor design is true for the 808 and 1020. When they announced their partnership, HMD says ZEISS will work on software, services, through to screen quality, and optic design…
          That Sony advertising part doesn’t have to happen, because they already have two camera brands ZEISS and OZO.

          • Deep Shekhar

            *But, are they(Nokia) using Sony sensors in their Android phones?*

            I feel that Nokia designing their own optics and making software for that because Nokia has already so many patents of their own and they bought many patents from Nikon and now too they are investing heavily in camera technology.

            Please, clarify this !!!

          • I don’t know what/which sensors they use, but it’s just a part of making a good picture. I think they will customize sensors only for higher end devices, not lower. Software, and other parts of optics (like lens) have a big effect on photo quality, software probably the most.

  • Stinger

    I think the photos came out great! I have no complaints. Very sharp, great colour and lots of detail. I will be a happy customer as soon as possible.

    • Photos coming from the 8 are looking great. RGB camera photos are even better than monochromatic one since it has OIS. I’m interested to see the low light photos.

      • I think the photos above were taken with the dual setup. No point in comparing RGB and mono because you will use mono only if you want black&white.

        • As I understand, B/W shots are taken with monochromatic camera only, and that one doesn’t have OIS. That is why RGB shots are looking sharper when you zoom them

      • No way. Nokia N8 (and my Lumia 950 XL as well) for example, shoots way better… and it’s an older phone. How come?
        http:/ /www.allaboutsymbian .com/news/item/11458_Nokia_N8_image_and_video_sampl.php

        • That’s hard to conclude without comparing the pictures shot for shot. Let’s give the 8 some time and maybe with a few software updates the camera could beat the competition in low-light and produce better pictures overall. Currently it’s not the best, but it’s good and probably will be better.

        • Hacklove666

          Bought the Nokia 8 on tuesday and I can easily say that Lumia 950 photos way better . After using L1020 and L950 this is the worst thing I ve ever used (for photos only) . Compared to Lg G6 it is better and with Iphone 7 it is par or sometimes better

    • I don’t know, I’m looking at the full resolution photos and they don’t impress me at all. Maybe I’m wrong, but compared to my Lumia 950 XL, they look worse. A lot of noise and details lost. The sensor is also a bad one, small and not a flagship sensor.