Big-screen flagship #Nokia 9 teased by HMD representatives, claims Russian site

For illustrative purposes, not the Nokia 9

Russian site visited HMD’s Nokia 8 event in London and did a detailed report about the event occurred yesterday. Not only did they find out that the 8 should be available in Russia from 1st September for about €575, with pre-orders starting this week, but an HMD representative told them that HMD is working on a big screen flagship phone that should be announced in the near future.

We already heard some rumors about a bigger flagship that will be allegedly called the Nokia 9. A month ago, Baidu users reported that Nokia 8 is already in mass production (, which was true considering the statement Juho Sarvikas (CPO at HMD) made during the event that the phone is already being shipped), and that a Nokia 9 existed with “bezel-less” display, IP68 certificate and up to 8GB of RAM.

Ну а в качестве вишенки на торте представители HMD Global сделали намёк на то, что в будущем нас ждёт ещё один смартфон — с экраном побольше, чем в Nokia 8, чтобы удовлетворить потребности абсолютно всех пользователей.

Well, as a cherry on the cake representatives of HMD Global made a hint that in the future we are waiting for another smartphone – with a larger screen than in Nokia 8, to meet the needs of absolutely all users. (translated)

It’s hard to tell how much is the information about the Nokia 9’s specifications true, but the Russian site mentioned in their last sentence that a bigger-screen device is coming, and there is not much reason for them to lie and spread fake news. It’s also logical for HMD to launch a flagship with bigger screen, because a lot of people genuinely want big screens.

Thanks everyone for the tip. 🙂

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  • Stinger

    It makes sense for Nokia to build a phone like this. Maybe they will announce it in time for the Christmas Season. Big screens aren’t my thing on a phone though. If I need to watch content on a bigger screen than my phone, I’ll just use my PC.

    But I’m glad to see that Nokia is trying to offer something in every segment.

    • Of course it makes, this is probably be the Nokia 9. This phone we probably won’t see at the Berlin IFA, but rather at the MWC2018. Berlin is to close.

      • So how will the release time frame will work after one year?

        Nokia 8(1) 2017 August
        Nokia 9(1) 2018 Feb/March
        Nokia 8(2) 2018 August

        Just a little weird. I wish if N9 exists make it available in the same year(2017)

        • SIMO

          I’m curious to see what the Bezelless Sony at IFA will look like. I’m leaning toward a Note 8 but my heart wants a bezelless Nokia 9. Really hope they make it happen in the next month or two.

          I know IFA is too close… we would have seen leaks by now or Nokia would have announced a press event. So if the Nokia 9 is real and coming this year, looks like it won’t be til November at the earliest.

      • Deep Shekhar

        I don’t think Nokia would release the next flagship this close because this will affect the sales of Nokia 8 severely. They tipped Nokia 8 to be an affordable flagship and launching Nokia 9 at the same time frame won’t do justice. I believe they’ll launch it around October end when Google will release it’s next generation of smartphones, till then Nokia 8 would be selling globally.

  • Been watching Nokia 8 videos & I’ve noticed that OZO Audio kinda works against N8 if it’s in Windy surroundings as it collects all of it. 😂

    • Muerte

      One benefit of OZO audio is, that you are able to remove the wind afterwards from the video, if desired. Or highlight it.

      • Oh thats great..

      • Feanor12

        Really? That would be really awsome!
        How can you do this?

        • Muerte

          Don’t know exactly – post processing of some kind. This info is from Pekka Rantala’s (marketing, HMD) interview. He described, as an example, a scenario where you shoot video in a children’s party or similar, and want to tone down the screaming afterwards. Or highlight it, if you want to. This is possible thanks to Nokia’s OZO audio technology.

  • Kimo Timonen

    I think it was rather obvious going on a bigger (screen) flagship in a short time for Nokia especially due the current market and I understand the need to cover every segment.
    Neverthless, I’m not a fan of these nowadays flagships because they’re becoming much more phablet than phone and i don’t like screen ratios such as 18/18.5:9 or so.
    In my opinion, also for offer somethingli ttle different from the biggest competitors, Nokia should go for Essential/like shape: bigger screen, very good body to screen ratio, “human” body dimentions, more normal 16:9 screen ratio.

    Of course, especially at the beginning, any phone fron Nokia is welcome and I’m only sharing my own opinion.
    I’m very very curious about this N 9, even if very probably I will go for this N 8 sometimes befor Christmas (more than everything because I’m little “scared” that Nokia could follow the Samsung S8 wave with his N 9 and I don’t want to wait so long for nothing :D)