Video²: Collection of the Nokia 8 hands on videos

The official Nokia 8 event was a big flop but the device sure wasn’t. Nokia 8 is the first flagship phone from HMD and they have really made an effort to pack interesting things into this cute phone. So, there are 3 13 MP cameras with ZEISS optics, cool aluminum body, great antennas, passive cooling, powerful hardware and OZO Audio 360. And Glance is back. Sort of.

Since the official unboxing and hands on stream didn’t go as planned, many portals already did hands on videos, so here they go:








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  • To be honest. This is not the flagship phone we all were waiting for. There is nothing bad about this phone but this is not what we would have got from old Nokia. It is like just another Android Phone. Yes, It has great cameras and OZO Audio but still doesn’t give a flagship feel. I would still say that age old Nokia N9 made out of polycarbonate still looks more beautiful than the Nokia 8. There is still something lacking in this device and I think its design. We need to criticize Nokia for this. Just accepting phones like this will not work IMO. We are Nokia Fans and our feedback should matter. They seriously need to try some new Scandinavian Design. How about making a metal phone with Fabula Design? 🙂

    • Exactly my point,, Just because We like Nokia it doesn’t mean that we need to ignore where the devices are lacking.
      For once, a Nokia fan may say like ok its fine.. but will everyone ignore the shortcomings? Nope.

      Nokia 8 – Great Phone but doesn’t look like a Flagship due to obvious reasons …that reuse of Nokia 5 Design
      Also, the asking price is just like standing on the door of the Expensive Flagships
      If only this phone was say below 550 Euros, it would’ve been quite a good competitor.

      Also, I’am kind of doubting the existence of Nokia 9 now and hoping for something nice for the in-between part of Nokia 6[229 Euro (Ignoring Arte Black)] & 8(599 Euros) which has a gap of 370 Euros

      • The price is justified IMO. You are getting good feature for the price. OZO Audio Zeiss Dual Camera, and also a 13MP front camera. sd835, 6GB/4GB ram depending on the variant. The phone will be price lower in India. 🙂
        They can easily add 2 new phones between Nokia 6 and Nokia 8. One with SD630 and one with SD660 🙂

        • Nokia 7 & 7+, I hope they put the pricing right on these two, I still feel like Nokia 8 should’ve been a little less costly

          • Compare the price of S8 with Nokia 8. Its not over priced at all. It will be price around 40k in India. 🙂

          • 45,000/- with direct conversion, i feel like it should’ve been at max 40,000/- & hope HMD get it in Indian market at that price.. it’ll be great.

            BTW, do you think Nokia 9 exists at all now?
            I don’t feel like it exists.

          • I have mixed opinions on the existence of Nokia 9. They can launch a device at a price tag of around 50k but the phone should be directly targeted at a camera phone market like the Lumia 1020/808 Pureview. If Nokia 9 exists then the device might have a completely new design. It must be different than current design language.

          • Hemedans

            for what i know Nokia always anounce device with European price tag. And Europe they have high tax, i wont be suprised if this phone retail $500 to $599 globally

          • If it ends up going for 599$ & not 599€ I feel like it’ll sell great.

    • K.

      This video pisses me off.
      Actually, the specs is great and not overpriced like Google Pixel. But tbh, it looks nothing like the Nokia except the camera setup.

      “Precision machined from a single block of 6000 series aluminum” – who cares if the design is boring.