If HMD does another remake, should it be a Nokia N95?!

Let me just say, at the very beginning of this post, that I don’t know what to say about the cover render but I’ll try to make a point. So, Nokibar posted a fan made sketch Nokia 1. Actually, this isn’t real nor it will be, but this fan wishes that the next remake should be the Nokia N95 (8GB). This phone should be the sequel of the HMD’s very well accepted remake of the old Nokia phones we saw earlier this year. HMD said that they are planning to do some more remakes of popular Nokia phones, and the choice of the legendary Nokia N95 (8GB) could be move in the right direction. Let’s now call it Nokia 1, as source refers it, and it should go even lower than the Nokia 2 regarding the price. As you can see, source suggests that it should come with a 480×320 screen resolution and Snapdragon 205. All this could seem hilarious, but then again, there are some Android phones with small screens. If you don’t believe me, check out Mr. Mobile’s review of the Jelly.

Now, if we think more about this fan’s idea, N95 was a rather popular slide phone and it could once more be that in the body of Nokia 1. That kind of phone could compete well with Samsung’s flip phone. But then again, that particular phone packs Snapdragon 821 instead of 205 and it has 4GB of RAM. This one looks like it is going to run S30+ at best. But, the biggest difference between Nokia 1 and Samsung’s flip phone is going to be the price. I am deliberately comparing these two phones since it is obvious that history is repeating itself. Samsung is bringing flip phones back to the stage, so Nokia (HMD) could easily do the same with slide phones. The most questionable thing here is the alphanumerical keyboard which will take us back to the almost forgotten typing habits.

Can you image having the double slide mechanism, with a keyboard on the one side, and media controls on the other. That would be something, right? What are your thoughts, which model would you like to be revived?



  • Oh my oh my oh my…

    shut up and take my money!

  • At first I thought this was real. But i had doubts regarding the name 😛 HMD would never name N95 as Nokia 1.

    • Stinger

      I agree. The market positioning suggested by the name doesn’t do justice to the old N95. But I’m not against the idea of an N95 remake though. If they’re going to do a slider, I wouldn’t mind seeing the 8800. My personal vote for a remake is the N9. 🙂

    • Tarun Suresh

      I think they should consider a category for these kinds of phones as
      ‘re imagined series’. Let them be named as for eg;- N95 re imagined or 3310 re imagined or any other phones they are planning to revive with the word
      re imagined.

      • That is a great idea, and would be catchy in ads 🙂

      • They should be launched as it is no change at all. If they name it re imagined then it means there has to be some re imagined change to it. 😛 They should name it Rebirth series OR something different.

        • Tarun Suresh

          Naming of a new series is totally up to HMD/Nokia. Reimagined is the first word that came to my mind when I first typed that comment, and it really suits because when you look at 3310 (2017) there are many improvements compared to the 17 year old predecessor. For eg:- the body of the device as shrunk, added a bigger and colorful screen, added some connectivity features like bluetooth, heck, they added a 2MP snapper at the back.

          N95 was a top of the line device at its time and re releasing it as it is would be the most terrible thing to do.

          • “N95 was a top of the line device at its time and re releasing it as it is would be the most terrible thing to do.”
            I don’t think Nokia Dans will agree with you. 😂
            They ruined the Nokia 3310 Imo. They should have kept everything as it was back then and launched it as Limited Edition 😊
            This is the thing I always used to think whenever I thought about “How should Nokia make a comback?”
            Introducing old devices as Limited Editions would have made much more sense😊

  • asd

    N95 might be an OK, option, but don’t expect anywhere near as good reception as with 3310. N95 doesn’t have as good public recognition as the 3310 has, and actually even in 3310’s case it’s more the fact that people can relate to the idea of “a bulletproof Nokia” from the time they used one of the models from the period. As this is already used, it makes sense that they would do it with another model. There are several good alternatives; N95, “the zippo phone”,”the matrix phone”, a Communicator, N9.

    There seems to be two or three ways these new remakes cound go:

    1. Looks and form factor

    2. Idea, that what was most important and best know about a model(/models). This could be Tarun’s “re imagined”-series, if I understood the idea correctly

    3. Replica (as LoveNokia suggested)

    3310 combined 1 and 2 to some extent and as smartphones have a different form factor the only high end phone that this could work for is N9 (maybe N8 or N900).

    Replicas would have a very limited appeal for other than the very low end.

    Option two would in my eyes be the best.

    The thing that N95 had over its competition was that it packed an unbelievable amount of new tech to a phone. While the new 3310 is a very durable phone that can at the low end of the price scale replicate the best features of the predecessor, durability, battery life … and yes, also snake, a low end N95 would be something that I personally wouldn’t expect a N95 to be.

    Sure, for a Nokia 1, it might make sense to copy some familiar-ish design, but it should be from some other phone. Maybe a touch screen with xpress-on color covers.

    In my opinion the best phone to do this with might be a Communicator. While not as well known as the bulletproof Nokia, there are still people, especially in tech community, that like the idea of an über-business-tech-smartphone. This class doesn’t exist anymore. Make a business phone with E7 / N950 design, like a flip phone, the form factor could be brought back. People still remember either the Communicator or the Sidekick, so this could steal some memories from other models too. Great keyboard(added thickness is ok), great battery(again thickness is ok) life and some BB / Knox type security magic added. Advertise it as a recreation of the business phone(class) to create prestige, but make sure all tech blogs will review it. This would hit both categories 1 and 2, just like 3310, but might be that HMD doesn’t have the capability to do this just yet.
    “N95 re imagined” could work as a smartphone, but it would need more new tech than HMD probably has at this point at their reach. Camera with some new array lens/graphene tech, flexible display that can be extended from the edge like N95’s media controls, some new charging tech, etc. This should be a showcase phone for new tech.
    Easiest would be a N8 with a nice, slightly bumpy camera.
    Nah, try N8 if you want one soon, maybe a Communicator at some point, N95 when you have great tech.