#Nokia Flagship store in #China will open its “doors” on August 18th

August seems to be a big month for all Nokia fans and want-to-be costumers. In August, the broader rollout of all announced Nokia smartphones is expected, including the long awaited Nokia 6, that is already available in some markets like the US, UK or Australia.

Also, this month HMD is expected to unveil new Devices on an event scheduled on 16th August in London. Our guess is that HMD will introduce the Nokia 8 to the world, but considering recent leakse, we might also see the Nokia 2.

Nokia users in China will have the opportunity to buy their favourite Nokia device in an official Nokia flagship online store in China. The store will be a part of TMall, B2C (Business-to-consumer) online mall owned by Alibaba, and will go up on 18th August or 2 days after HMD’s event in London.

Nokia Flagship Store in Helsinki (closed)
Nokia Flagship Store in Helsinki (closed)

Nokia devices have been historically sold via flagship stores, especially in Europe, with the most famous store being in Helsinki. Considering that the Finnish Nokia already has a webstore where it sells “Health” gadgets, it would be smart for HMD (and Nokia) to include Nokia smartphones on those pages as well.

It would be phenomenal if the, on the 16th August announced devices, would also be available right after in the flagship store in China. At least we can expect the pre-orders of the alleged Nokia 8 to start right after the announcement, because, per some rumors, the device is already in mass production.

Related to Nokia 8, we recently found out how the dual-camera system will work, using an RGB and monochromatic sensor. The 8 with Android 8 appeared on Geekbench, indicating that it will either be available with Android 8 out of the box or that HMD is testing the 8 for the Nokia 8 and plans to release it as an OTA update later.

Recently, a new report about Nokia OZO Audio technology emerged, with a high ranking HMD executive teasing the technology on an unannounced device.

All in all, a lot should be revealed at HMD’s event in London on 16th August. Tell us your expectations down below, and do you think HMD will open more flagship stores around the world? 🙂

via: Suomimobiili.fi

TMall Nokia Flagship Store 

  • I expect a Nokia 2, Nokia 7, Nokia 8 and it would be a big surprise if they launch Nokia 9 too 😛

    • Deep Shekhar

      No possibility of Nokia 9 because HMD is playing safe and will see how their affordable flagship sales are and the issues they face meantime. As Nokia 9 will be a flagship phone with flagship bezel less design having the best of Nokia competing head to head with Note8 , Google Pixel 2 and iPhone 8 in that Price range of $799-$899.

  • Stinger

    It would be AMAZING if the 8 were available right after announcement. It would show the that HMD is agile and willing to accommodate it’s customers.

  • What are the old Nokia Exclusive Features which are now used in the phones of all other companies other than glance and double tap?

    • Well, polarizing screens (ClearBlack) were something Nokia made popular. HAAC sound recording (Rich Recording), some services that were exclusive to Nokia like Ovi/Nokia Music transformed into Mix Radio or Ovi/Nokia/Here Maps. A whole suite of photography oriented application.