#Nokia 6 scored 20 million hits on GSMArena, surpassing 808, Lumia 920, 1020 & others

HMD’s first announced device, the Nokia 6, hit a milestone at GSMArena.com device’s page. Nokia 6 page, where you can find all the specifications of the 6, has been visited over 20 million times, indicating that a strong interest exists for this device.

Nokia 6 was announced 6 months ago, and instantly went on sale in China. The global version announced at MWC2017 in February is still not available in all markets, even though you can buy it, for example, in the US, UK, Australia and in some smaller markets as well.

If we compare Nokia 6’s performance on GSMArena.com to some historically well received Nokia phones, the 6 is doing extremely well. For example, the 6 is more popular (with visits) than Nokia 808 (12.8 million), Lumia 1020 (13.7 million) or Lumia 920 (17.5 million). It’s still lagging behind the iconic N9 (26 million) or the first camera-smartphone, Nokia N8 (39 million).

I feel a little sorry for HMD, because, considering the huge interest, the 6 would sell extremely well from day one if the delays didn’t happen. Don’t get me wrong, I still think the sales of 3, 5 and 6 will be above expectations and probably surpass HMD’s (FIH’s) manufacturing capabilities, but a sooner global release would have hugely benefited the sales.

GSMArena: Nokia 6

Thanks Viccky for the tip. 🙂

  • Deep Shekhar

    How about the sales?
    Do you have any stats regarding the sales of Nokia android phones?

    • No info about sales… Maybe they will say something about that at the event on 16th this month.

      • Michael

        From a tactical point of view, what would you do in HMD’s case?

        1. Sales/demand not really great. Easy choice is to be vague and evasive with numbers.

        2. Sales are great maybe even better than expected. Show your hand to the competition early or again, be vague for as long as you can until you are clearly in #3 position or at least clearly in a position to meet global demand and have a clear marketing strategy (which has been fairly low-key up until this point).

        As an investor, I’m curious, but if there is a tactical way to play this game, I’m all for not knowing exact numbers.

        • I like transparency, but considering HMD is an underdog, better keep the sales and finances out of the public. They have a unique business model that allows them to be really flexible in terms of decision making and development, but FIH needs to play its part in manufacturing and logistics. I think the success in mobile industry is very important to Finnish Nokia, and HMD is a part of a more long-term strategy, than just rapidly entering the market again.

          • Stinger

            Agreed. It’s early days yet for HMD and Nokia. It’s only been a few months since Nokia returned to the arena and the dust is still settling.Plus the production delays might not give a true reflection of demand and sales. I’ll be totally understanding if we only get sales figures in Jan 2018

  • Stinger

    I hope they announce sales figures at the August 16th event too. N8 and N9 are tough acts to follow. Those 2 phones are legends.

    Here are some silly thoughts: 8+8=16 as in Nokia 8 + Android 8 announced on the 16th. Also August is the 8th month of the year. Ha Ha. Have a great day gents!

    • Announcing sales figures of Nokia 6? It is still not sold in India. It will be available from 23rd August. They won’t share sales figures. 🙂