#Nokia Mobile care center locator now available

Nokia Mobile made public a locator that helps customers find the nearest service center for their Nokia devices. HMD announced that a part of their strategy is to provide to customers great after sales experience with many service centers and Nokia Mobile Care locations.

It’s interesting that, at the moment, there are no centers in Europe, but HMD suggests returning the phone to the retailer and operator, who will then take care of the device. A lot of centers can be found in India and China, but only one in the United States. HMD is probably still in the process of opening new service center locations and the map will probably be updated.

You can find the Nokia Mobile care center locator here.

Thanks Viccky for the tip. 🙂

  • Stinger

    That’s great news! Looks like HMD is working hard on all fronts. To me, it looks like they’re opening these Care Centers in the same sequence as they released their phones. I think very soon it will be clear that owning a Nokia phone will be a completely different and satisfying experience to what consumers have been used to.

    • I also feel that this was the reason they delayed the launch of Nokia 5 and Nokia 6. Just imagine if few people out of many buyers started facing issues with their Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 and they couldn’t find service centers in their area. This would have badly hurt the reputation of Nokia. They did correct by delaying Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 imo. 🙂

      • Stinger

        Agreed! Nokia and HMD know the value of the brand, and they are rightly being cautious with it.

  • HMD Global should introduce a phone with physical keyboard and name it as E-Series. I like the BlackBerry Key One. It looks beautiful and well built. 🙂

    • Deep Shekhar

      Now..with great android on screen keyboards there’s no need as such to make qwerty phones, though it will appeal to its fans but not to the majority.In this era of capacitive touch screens, qwerty has become obsolete and making qwerty phones can become risky(as there’ll be less demand for a mainstream product)

      They can do so…but only when they have huge profits. HMD is a startup and they need huge profits right now to operate and invest in R&D for its future offerings.

      This is the starting phase and a company needs to play it safe and that’s what Nokia/hmd is doing. Whereas the market leaders like Samsung/ apple can experiment now and Samsung is too experimenting with Flip phones that has a whopping $2000 price and it will sell well too(as there’ll limited manufactured units).

      As for now, HMD has a lot of things to do from establishing themselves in the market, improving their products to match the leaders to getting great work forces in their company. We can expect these experiments latest by 5-7 years from now only if HMD would have perform way beyond everyone’s expectations.