Rumour: Nokia 8 will cost 520€?!

Nokia 8, whose photos of preproduction model we saw earlier, is going to be unveiled in London on August 18. With this phone HMD will step into the area of top models, but the Nokia 8 isn’t supposed to be the best HMD can offer. We are pretty much acquainted with the specifications of the phone, but one crucial thing that everybody wants to know is missing, the price. According to the listings of the Romanian Vodafone, black Nokia 8 should be priced close to €520. Since operators usually have bigger prices than usual retailers, this figure could be a bit lower.

This price puts the Nokia 8 in the company of OnePlus5, Sony Xperia XZ, Xiaomi Mi6, Huawei Honor 9 and LG G6. If you are familiar with these phones you know that they all have the same overall looks except LG G6 which has 2:1 screen ratio and smaller bezels.

So, now you can see where HMD is aiming with Nokia 8. With great build quality, great camera and regular Android updates they could shake the market. Nokia still means something and HMD is aware of that.

Since Vodafone already knows the prices, maybe the phone will be available days after it is being unveiled. Well, I would like to see that 😊.


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  • The price could be 499€ if Vodafone lists it as 520€. That’s great pricing 🙂 Hope the rumor is true.

    • This is a direct and very nice competitor to OP5. Many will prefer Nokia 8 over OP5 🙂

      • Yes, and judging from the 3, 5, and 6, the 8 will be broader available than OP5, including many operators 🙂

    • Hope HMD doesn’t mess up with the availability and bring it to the market before the Note 8 & V30

    • 499€ = 37567/- in india.. maybe we’ll get it by 35,000/- as it was a lil cheaper than other markets in india for 3, 5 & 6.
      and at that price it’ll be competitive

      btw Huawei did a OnePlus with Honor 8 Pro launching it at 30,000/-

      • Hemedans

        Kirin 960 is not that good, and it has poor battery life, i saw anandtech review, gpu sometime take up to 9w which is not good for smartphone,

        Thats why even with 4000mah battery, battery life is average.

        • But still its for 30,000/- and for that price its kinda decent enough deal.

          is there any battery capacity leak for N8?

          • Hemedans

            never seen one,

          • it’ll be great if HMD could pop it up with something like 4000mah

    • Before VAT it’s 434€ = 32690/- so we can hopefully see it for around 35,000/- or below maybe..which is awesome.