Is there a connection between the Nokia N8 and Nokia 8?


I heard a lot of guys here, and elsewhere on other portals, don’t quite like the copper edition of the Nokia 8. Well, I wasn’t so excited on first, but I must say it looks different than what the competition is offering. Actually, I’ll judge that when I get the device in my hands for a test/review. But, I must say that when I noticed the first photos of the copper Nokia 8, it fired up brain cells responsible for long-term memory. Maybe the main idea of the colour came from the device I thought of. Remember when Nokia N8 (funny that it has the initials of Nokia 8=N8) came with ionized aluminium body painted with various colours. One of those was orange, and when you look at it, it resembles a lot on the copper colour of the Nokia 8’s aluminium body.

I remember that many people liked Nokia N8 in that particular colour since it looked cool. Maybe the Nokia 8 will cause the same effect with people or fans. Anyway, it is interesting that history is always repeating itself, but with slight modifications.

And, do you remember what came after the Nokia N8… I’ll just leave it here 😊.

  • Yes! Exactly. More Nokia N8 like colour options needed 🙂

    • Actually, there will be silver, copper, black and blue Nokia 8, if I remember right?

      • the shade on Nokia N8 looks kinda better than the one on N8.. or just different colors after all

        • N8 had orange paint, while Nokia 8 has copper

          • I want Nokia 8 and Nokia 9 to have Pink, Blue, Orange, Bronze, Green, silver and grey color option which were present on Nokia N8 🙂

          • EricLovesSymbian

            EricLovesSymbian says:

            But are those colors mature?

            Please don’t take my comments personal. I am not writing this to say anything against you. Never…

            But hear me out for a second.
            Most high end flagship cell phones are solid mature colors.
            Usually black or white or grey.

            Now, we have some form of fad, or fashion accessory, or trend, that some people use to obtain attention from others.

            “Hey look at me, my shiny new device is ‘this’ color” etc…

            These people typically hold the phone loosely, and let it slip a fall and crack and treat it like a replacement toy. They piss their money away, not caring about saving or planning for the future. And if their shiny new device breaks, they don’t really care what replaces it.

            I think Nokia owners are more respectful. More emotionally connected to their phones.

            Maybe I’m wrong or I’m a perfectionist or I may have an ocd. I dunno. But colorful rainbow colors don’t usually equate to a mature dignified sophisticated person. If that was the case, the note the Galaxy, the iPhone, LG flagship phones, etc, would come in multiple colors. (Please don’t say blue coral, or red iPhone, or blue HTC)

            Solid grey, black, charcoal. Think about BlackBerry phones. Think about vertu phones.
            Or, brain-dead mindless apple phones were just black and space gray and just recently they made rose gold to cater to girls who want some feminine color.

            I think rainbow colored phones are for a certain age group, and also, a certain type of socially aware person. The type that likes to show off and brandish their shiny device.

            People in a professional environment typically don’t get phones that draw attention.

            Maybe I’m wrong. And besides, numbers don’t lie. If colors sold, most companies would make every color possible. But they don’t. Black, silver, grey, and a few feminine shades for the ladies that care about style and fashion and new ways to spend money…

            I think limited edition colors would be better, as a hot pink, sunburst orange, gallbladder green, diarrhea brown, and vomit blue (after having a blue Popsicle), would sit on shelves indefinitely. Yes they will sell to a hand full of people, but not in the millions.

            Just my two cents…

          • yeah, they’re different just saying if out of those two i need to choose it’ll be Orange over Copper…
            and actually None over black..

      • I mean to say more colors from Nokia N8 🙂

  • Feanor12

    After N8 there was Nokia 808 Pure View – I still have it as my main phone!! <3
    Well… in that case I'm dying to see What comes after Nokia 8!! =)

    Hmm… I think there is bright future ahead for phone photography:
    – Zeiss patenting new optical sensor for (Nokia) phone
    – Nokia is researching graphene (there were even rumors about graphene camera module?)
    – prototypes with pelican array
    – … ? 🙂

    • Hemedans

      I hope they Delay Nokia 9 so that they can pack more innovations.

      • Actually if they add an edge to edge display and same specs like Nokia 8 with more RAM and better camera Nokia 9 will be a hit. People are just looking for less bezels LOL
        They won’t understand better features. 😛
        Still I agree with you. If Nokia 8 is priced at 500 euros then i am sure Nokia 9 will pack much more. 🙂

        • Honestly I’ve disliked huge bezels even before this trend tbh but it was always fine if they are not unnecessarily big. If you’re taking up big bezels try and add front facing speakers and i have no issues at all.
          Also, cant get over it that it’s Nokia 5 with better internals.
          Not denying it might still look fine in hand

    • He he, that was my point. After N8 came the best cameraphone, so if we follow the same logic, after Nokia 8 should come next camera wonder in the smartphone format :). of course, Nokia 9 can be something completely different or flop…

      • Not a flop. Something completely different or just a little bit better than current flagships. 🙂

    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      You mentioned the phenomenal magnificent Nokia 808…
      My ears perked up.
      Based on your logic, the Nokia flagship should be absolutely incredible… I can’t wait to see it, read about it, buy it and use it…

      I still have three Nokia N8 phones and three Nokia 808 phones.

      Symbian was incredible and truly ahead of its time.

      • Head to the link below and see this person’s priceless treasure. 🙂 They are in hundreds 🙂 And so many Symbian powered. You will love it 🙂

        • EricLovesSymbian

          EricLovesSymbian says:

          This is insane.
          Can you imagine how long it took him to organize and arrange them?
          I am assuming a lot of the phones were given to him, there’s no way he would have paid for these many phones.

          Nevertheless, very impressive collection.

          • He started collecting these phones from 2013.😊 He said he has bought them. All these were just the ones which are working. He also has many dead phones which he uses for parts. 😊
            I also asked him about how he takes care of his batteries. 😉 He said he charges them once every month and keeps them rolled in paper.😊

          • Mamed

            I wanted N73 so much. When I was kid I collected money just for this phone but never got to get one (had enough money)

          • You can still find it somewhere on the internet. 🙂

      • Feanor12

        Yeah… I also miss symbian! It was great os – pity they killed it. =(

        I’m actually quite satisfied with my Nokia 808 PV, I only miss:
        – OIS
        – Google Calendar integration
        – Nokia Maps update

        Btw: How is navigation in new (android) Nokias? Are they using Google Maps or Here or something else? Could navigation be completely offline (like in Nokia 808?)?

        • You can use Google Maps of download Here. For offline navigation HERE is perfect 🙂 Just download the map and you are ready to go.

          • Feanor12

            Really? I didn’t know that – I was just using old Nokia Maps? How (where) can I do this? Tnx for the tip! 🙂
            How about Google calendar – is there any good option here also?

          • I’m talking about the maps on new Android phones. You can download Here from the store:

            Google calendar comes pre-installed.

          • Feanor12

            Oh… I thought there is some way to get new maps on Nokia 808 (symbian os). Tnx anyway.

          • Here still has the best fline navigation. App is called HereWeGo

  • Rocky

    That camera bump on Nokia N8 is really good looking (and copied by Asus Zenfone AR)

  • Scrumptious Centaur

    I have the orange Nokia 2600 and the color is very similar to the Nokia 8.